Fri. May 31st, 2024
Ehsaas Program 8171 New SMS Service Start For New Payment 14000

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has launched 8171 new SMS service to find out the new episode of Ehsaas program 14000. Under which the applicants of Ehsaas program can find out whether they are eligible to receive this amount or not through SMS sitting at home easily. And through 8171 SMS, apart from their eligibility, they can also find out whether the amount of Ehsaas 14000 has been transferred to their account or not.

In this article, you are told all the details about how you can get information about your eligibility and amount using the 8171 portal SMS. All people are requested to read this article carefully and follow the instructions.

8171 Ehsaas Program 14000

Congratulations, Ehsaas program is being started again in Pakistan on 14000. Under the Ehsaas programme, an amount of 14000 will be distributed among the poor and deserving and rare people. P8171 Ehsaas program was started during the period of Imran Khan, which was later closed.

8171 Ehsaas Program 14000

In 2024, the new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced to relaunch this program. Under which the poor will now be able to get an amount of 14000 easily under the Ehsaas program. This amount will be given only to those who meet the eligibility criteria and are living in extreme poverty.

8171 New SMS Service

New 8171 SMS service has been established in Ehsaas program. By using which all Ehsaas users can get all information about Ehsaas program sitting at home. You can also check the eligibility criteria of your family using this SMS service.

Further you can also check whether the amount of Ehsaas program 14000 new installment has been transferred in your account or not. You can get all the details through your simple mobile.

This new sms service is very useful for people who do not have internet connection. Or they live in remote areas where there is no internet signal. And they have to go to the city to find out the amount of the Ehsaas program. For the convenience of all these people, 8171 MS New SMS service has been launched by the government.

Ehsaas New Payment 14000 Re Registration

Pre-registration was started to avail Ehsaas New Payment 14000 which was closed last month. Many people had registered themselves to get the new episode of Ehsaas. While there are many people who were busy harvesting wheat etc. And they could not complete the registration in their Ehsaas 14000 program.

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Government has started Ehsaas Re-registration 2024 for these poor people. They can now complete their registration again after checking their eligibility through SMS at home and join the new installment 14000.

Remember that Ehsaas program money is received from Ehsaas Cash Center. You can also withdraw money from HBL ATM. Both Ehsaas Program and Benazir Kafalat Program are working together. Which is playing an important role in reducing the poverty rate in Pakistan.

How to Check Eligiblity By 8171 New SMS Service?

If you have completed the registration process to get Ehsaas New Payment 14000 then wait for the next installment. But if you belong to a family that has not yet registered in the Ehsaas program. So you should check your eligibility first.

For your convenience, the government has launched a check eligblity portal through8171 New SMS service. Using this portal, you can check your eligibility criteria at home with the help of your National Identity Card. If you want to check your eligibility in Ehsaas program then follow the following procedure:

  1. First open the SMS dial application.
  2. Enter 8171 in place of the number there.
  3. And enter your 13-digit National Identity Card number in the SMS box.
  4. Send the identity card number to 8171.
  5. After a while you will receive a confirmation message from 8171.
  6. In which your participation in Ehsaas program 14000 will be confirmed. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be included in the 8171 Ehsaas 14000 program.


In this article, you have been told all the details about how you can find out your eligibility and amount at home using the SMS service of 8171. Further, you have been informed about the procedure of new registration. If you have not done your registration, first of all you should complete your registration. So that you can join the 14000 Ehsaas program.