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Who Is Eligible For Benazir Nashonuma Program 3500? Check Status

In the Benazir Nashonuma program, you have to check your eligibility to get the Nashonuma amount of Rs.35000 . All the eligibility information is given below through which you can check your eligibility.

Benazir Nashonuma Program 3500

The Benazir Nashonuma Program is a program in which a grant of Rs.3500 will be given to all mothers across Pakistan who have children under two years of age or women who are pregnant. Many children across Pakistan lose their lives every year because they do not have good food.

And neither their parents can provide them with good food. For this reason, the government of Pakistan has started the Benazir Nashonuma program, in which an amount of 3500 rupees will be given as aid. The information is given below.

How To Check Eligibility Status for Benazir Nashonuma?

To check your eligibility in the Benazir Nashonuma program, you have to send your National Identity Card number through SMS to 8171 on your mobile phone number. After some time, you will receive a message telling you. It will be known whether you can get the Benazir Nashonuma Program money or not. Before completing this process, you need to know the eligibility criteria information below.

Eligibility Criteria

Before knowing the eligibility status in the Benazir Nashonuma program, you need to know about your eligibility criteria, the complete information of which is here.

  • You are a Pakistani woman.
  • You are a pregnant woman or you are a woman whose child is less than two years old.
  • You belong to a family that cannot provide good food for your child’s growth.
  • The monthly income of your family or your husband should be less than 30000 rupees.

So you can get this amount of Nashonuma by completing the registration method mentioned below. For which the necessary documents are as follows.

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Required Documents

  1. You must have her husband’s National Identity Card issued by NADRA.
  2. It is better if you have your identity card.
  3. You must have your marriage certificate.
  4. You must have your child’s birth certificate.
  5. Or if you are a pregnant woman, you must have a pregnancy certificate.
  6. You should also have the information of your family.

So we can get this amount by completing the below-mentioned registration process.

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Benazir Nashonuma Program Registration Update 

You have to complete the registration to get Rs. 3500 in the Benazir Nashonuma Program. The complete procedure is as follows.

  1. You have to go to the BISP 8171 office nearest to your home.
  2. You have to take the Benazir Nashonuma Program registration form from the representative there.
  3. You have to give your husband’s national identity card number and your husband’s phone number on this registration form.
  4. You have to provide your child’s certificate or if you are pregnant, then you have to provide the proof.
  5. You have to enter your complete residence and complete family information on it.
  6. After which you have to submit this form back to the representatives in the BISP office.

After a few days, you will be told whether you can get the development program amount of 3500 rupees or not. If you are eligible to get this amount, then you have to go to the office of BISP 8171. And from there, you have to take this money.

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Benazir Nashonuma Program is a program started by the Government of Pakistan in which the amount of aid is being given to provide good food to all the children born in Pakistan, which is 3500 rupees. It will be given to the women who will be eligible for it. The grant money will be given to those women who will be eligible for it. All the information, eligibility criteria, necessary documents and complete registration procedure will be given to you. After knowing which you can participate in this Nashonuma program.