Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
NEW Update! Benazir Wazifa Payment 4500 Get Through JazzCash Account

Eligible Students can use their Jazz Cash Account to get Benazir Wazifa Payment 4500. To get this amount of Wazifa Rs.4500, all the information about your eligibility and registration method is given below on our website. After knowing which you can get this Wazifa amount.

Benazir Wazifa Payment 4500 Update

It has been announced that Benazir Wazifa’s payment of Rs 4500 will be given to all poor students across Pakistan. Among all these students there are 7.4 million students who are eligible to receive this amount. The purpose of giving this amount of Wazifa in Pakistan is to provide financial assistance to all the poor students in Pakistan to complete their studies. The rest of the information is given below.

Benazir Wazifa Payment 4500 Get Through JazzCash

You can use the Jazz Cash account to get a Benazir Wazifa payment of Rs 4500 for which you have to go to the Jazz Cash application and enter your National Identity Card number, and your mobile number. On which you will receive a code. After entering it, your Jazz Cash account will be created. After which you can get the stipend amount through the Jazz Cash account. What you need to know about your eligibility. The complete information is given below.

Benazir Wazifa Payment 4500

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Eligibility Criteria

It is very important for you to know about your eligibility to get Benazir Wazifa payment of Rs.4500, the complete information of which is here.

  • You must be Pakistani.
  • You study in Pakistan.
  • You are a regular student.
  • Your attendance rate should be more than 70 per cent.
  • Performance in your annual exams should be more than 50 per cent.
  • You belong to a poor family.

So you can easily get this Benazir Wazifa amount of 4500 rupees for which the necessary documents are as follows, after knowing which you can complete the registration.

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Required Documents

  1. First of all, you must have your father’s National Identity Card.
  2. You should have your father’s mobile phone number.
  3. You must have your bay form with you.
  4. You should have the certificate of the school or college you are studying in.

So you can complete the registration process, the complete procedure of which is given below.

New Registration Start Benazir Wazifa Payment 4500

Before receiving Benazir Wazifa Payment 4500 through Jazz Cash, you have to complete the registration in it.

  1. For which you have to first go to the BISP 8171 office nearest to your home.
  2. You have to take the registration form from the officers present there.
  3. You have to enter your father’s National Identity Card number on this registration form.
  4. You have to enter your father’s mobile phone number.
  5. You have to enter your bay form number.
  6. You have to enter your complete residential address on it.
  7. And your school certificate should be entered on it.
  8. After which you have to submit it again in the BISP office.

After some days you will be informed through an SMS message on your father’s mobile number that you are eligible to receive this amount. If you are eligible to receive this amount. So you can order this amount through a Jazz Cash account.


Benazir Wazifa Payment Rs 4500 can also be received through Jazz Cash Account. To get it you have to create your JazzCash account whose complete details are given above. After that, you can read the above information to check your eligibility and follow the above-mentioned registration process. After completing this, you can easily access this amount through your Jazz Cash account and continue your studies.