Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
Breaking News! Distribution Of 20000 E-Bikes Start |How To Check Name In The list and Get Bike

The Punjab government has started a scheme to distribute petrol and 20000 E-Bikes to male and female students. Under this scheme, 19,000 petrol bikes will be given to eligible students, while 1,000 electric bikes will be given to poor students. How can you get these bikes? All the information about it is given below which you can read and get your information.

20000 E-Bikes Scheme 2024

CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif has started a scheme of 20000 bikes for the students of Punjab. Among these, there are 19000 petrol bikes and 1000 e-bikes. Bikes will be distributed to eligible students under this scheme. Those students who have done their registration for electric bikes are eligible. 

Breaking News! Distribution Of 20000 E-Bikes Start |How To Check Name In The list and Get Bike

So let us tell them that the process of distribution of electric bikes has started. Eligible students have started receiving messages. On May 13, the elector-back distribution process was started. Those students who have not yet received their bikes can check their names in the list by going to the portal created by the government. Further, we have provided complete information about the list below.

Number of 20000 E-Bikes to Be Distribute   

For those who want to check their eligibility for the 20000 E-Bikes scheme. So we are providing them a guide about it which they can read below to get information.

  1. This scheme is designed only for the students of Punjab. 
  2. In this, only Punjab students can complete their registration through an ID card. 
  3. Students who have a driving license.
  4. Those students who are studying in colleges and universities.

How to Check Eligibility For 20000 E-Bikes?

For registration, you can visit the Govt Bikes Govt PK portal and submit your application by entering all your information on the form. Those students who have already submitted their application online for the electric bikes scheme now want to check their name or eligibility. 

So let us inform you that the government has published the list of eligible students and ineligible students on the website. You can directly check your name in the list by visiting the website using a computer or laptop. The list of eligible students has been made separately on the website while the list of ineligible students has been made separately. So that you can easily check your name in the 20000 E-Bikes list.

Name check in Balloating list 

We would like to inform you of the important thing the examination of the students of Punjab who have submitted their application has been completed. All their information and names have been shown on the website in the form of a list. 

You can check your name and status in the list and check your eligibility by visiting the website directly. Seeing the amazing increase in requests, the government has started the process of distribution of bikes. So that the first phase can be finished and the second phase can be started as soon as possible.

Starting Date of Distribution of Petrol and Electric Bikes  

Seeing the request of more than 50 thousand students, Transport Minister Bilal Khalid has revealed that he will soon start another fee. So that electric bikes and petrol bikes can be distributed to as many students as in Punjab. He has asked to start the process of distribution of electric bikes on May 13, which has already started.