Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
CM Of Sindh Launch 20000 Bike Scheme For Male and Female Students

The CM of Sindh has started the 20000 Bike Scheme for male and female students in every city of Sindh. The online registration procedure has been introduced to this new electric motorcycle scheme. Go to your Sindh-created portal and complete your registration easily. 

The complete registration procedure is available on the portal. You can easily submit an application for this scheme. For more female students, we have explained the application process below with explanation, which you can read till the end.

20000 Bike Scheme For Students 

The government has solved the problem of male and female students who face transport problems while moving to colleges or universities. The government has started a new scheme called the 20000 Bike Scheme so that these poor and female students can get electric bikes from the government and complete their educational activities easily. 

20000 Bike Scheme

You can visit the portal to register and submit your application easily. There are also eligibility criteria for this. You can read below and apply for the application easily.

How to Apply for the 20000 Bike Scheme?

The method card is available below for those who want to apply for this bike scheme.

  1. Go to the Bikes Scheme portal created by Govt. 
  2. Create your account there. A
  3. After that, you will be given five steps for the next steps. 
  4. You must complete each step separately. In these steps, you must enter some information that will be shown on the form. 
  5. You have to enter all this information well in each step. 
  6. So that no errors are found while checking your application and the application cannot be canceled. 

When you complete the application, you are notified through a message.

Eligibility Criteria for the 20000 Bike Scheme

Before submitting the application for the 20000 Bike Scheme, you must know your eligibility criteria. That you know whether we can register ourselves in this scheme or not.

  • Students can apply to those students whose identity cards are made in Sindh.
  • Those students who are studying in colleges or universities.
  • Those students are not getting any education scholarship from any other government scheme.

How to Get 20000 Bike Scheme?

Those who have recently completed their application online and want to get the electric bike scheme after being eligible. You should be informed that you will be able to get this bike only in this case. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will pay the amount in installments every month for the payment of this scheme. 

Which has been allocated by the government. So, while submitting your application, upload all the documents properly and ensure eligibility. After that, you have to read carefully all the details that have been uploaded on the Bike Scheme website.


The Government of Sindh has started an electric motorcycle scheme for the poor deserving students who are facing problems like transportation while moving. So that they can easily reach their scores or colleges on time and complete their educational activities. Further, those students who cannot afford the expenses like transport in this era of inflation. So they can get maximum benefit from this scheme. And it’s very beneficial for them to visit our website, 8171 Ehsaas Program of BISP, for more updates.