Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
How to Apply For New Punjab Kissan Card 2024? Know the 8070 method  

Punjab Kissan Card has been launched for giving loans of 1.5 Lakh to the poor Punjab formers. The Chief Minister of Punjab has announced to give Kisan Card to all the farmers across Punjab, which is a piece of very good news for all the farmers.

All the farmers can benefit a lot by getting Kisan cards without any interest. This is a very good scheme from which the farmer can get a lot of benefits by getting a Kissan card for his crops. One can get all the requirements at a very low rate.

 Punjab Kissan Card 2024

The Government of Pakistan announced very good news for the farmers of Punjab. Farmers will receive this loan from the government without any interest and the government has given six months to facilitate the repayment of the loan to all farmers after six months without any interest or tax. All farmers can get the loan under the Punjab Kissan Card.

 Kisan Card will not be given to all the farmers, but to the targeted farmers who will be given according to the criteria given by them. The land will be 1 to 12 acres. There is a golden opportunity for all the farmers that they can avail a lot by getting a Kissan Card.

Register for Punjab Kissan Card 2024 Through SMS

If you are Kisan and want to get a Kissan card then the procedure is very easy even if you have not registered already BISP has introduced a very easy registration procedure through which you can complete your registration by sitting at home.

 The procedure is very easy. You do not have to face any difficulties. The procedure for registering at home by SMS is listed below. Below are the steps you can follow to complete your registration and get your Kissan Card.

  • You have to open the message inbox on your mobile.
  •  you have to enter your ID card number.
  •  you have to enter your card number without any gap. 
  • You should message your identity card number to 8070.
  •  After sending the message to 8070.
  • you will be informed in a short time that you are a part of the Kissan Card Scheme.
  •  You can receive a Kissan Card.

You can complete your registration easily by following the mentioned procedure.

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Who is Eligible for Punjab Kissan Card 2024?

Remember that not all farmers or all people can get a Kissan Card, only certain people can get a Kisan Card, and people who meet their specified criteria can get a Kisan Card.

  • No involvement in illegal activity.
  • In Punjab, the name of the farmer should have an area.
  • The agricultural area should be 1 to 12 acres.
  • It is necessary to have a call sim in the farmer’s name.
  • The farmer’s CNIC should be made in Punjab.
  • The farmer should not have any government job.

From here if you want to get a Kissan card and complete your registration then to get a Kissan card you must meet these criteria which are listed above.

Benefits of the Punjab Kissan Card Scheme

The Chief Minister of Punjab has announced a very good relief for the farmers of Punjab. has announced, under which all farmers will be able to get a loan up to 1.5 lakh, they can also register it at home without any interest. There are many benefits of the Punjab Kissan Card which are below The following are

  • Through the Kissan Card, a farmer can take a crop loan for his crop needs in case of lack of funds
  • Farmers will get a loan of up to 1.5 lakhs with a Punjab Kissan Card without any interest. 
  • Farmers can get their crop needs with the Kisan Card without tax. 
  • Then the farmer will be able to get fertilizer etc, at a Cheap rate.
  •  The farmer will be able to get all the things he needs for his crop from the card when he needs them.

Kissan card has many benefits which are listed above and besides these benefits, Kisan cards are very helpful for farmers and farmers can grow their crops well.


The Punjab government of Pakistan has announced a Punjab Kissan Card to farmers across Punjab, with which all farmers will be given a loan of 1.5Lakh without any interest. I have given all the details about Kisan Kaan by reading, you can get all the information about it, and if you want to be a part of the base scheme, then you can easily follow the procedure given by us. Farmers can be a part of the scheme and get the card. and you can get a Kissan card Easily.