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Khawaja Sara Benazir Kafalat Program Online Registration 2023

Khawaja Sara Benazir kafalat Program

Khawaja Sara Benazir kafalat Program Online Registration
Khawaja Sara Benazir kafalat Program Online Registration

Khawaja-Sara Benazir Kafalat Program Transgender faced multiple problems during their whole life. Every country has developed various social protection programs. The Government of Punjab, Pakistan, has launched an initiative ehsaas masawat program to protect transgender rights. On 2024,

Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Shazia Marri announced a cash assistance initiative for Khwajasara. She added that it is on a Priority basis to help trans men’s/ women’s. She handed over 7000 cash to the eligible Khwaja Sara. It is good news for the transgender community that they are declared eligible for the Benazir kafalat program.  

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In South Asia, particularly in countries like Pakistan, “Khawaja Sara” (sometimes also known as Hijra) is a term used for people who might be intersex, transgender, eunuchs, or don’t fit into the conventional categories of male or female. Historically, they have been recognized in the subcontinent and have held specific societal roles, but they have also faced discrimination and marginalization.

Based on the terms, the program would be a welfare or support program designed specifically for the Khawaja Sara community. Given the economic and social challenges this community often faces in Pakistan, such initiatives would be essential to ensure their welfare, health, education, and integration into society.

Khwaja Sara Benazir income support program Eligibility Criteria

Benazir kafalat for Khawaja Sara persons is a financial support scheme. Benazir initiative board has approved the inclusion of transgender in the project. Now, all transgender people can apply and register themselves for BISP cash assistance. Seven thousand quarterly will be given to the trans-community. Eligibility criteria are as follows.

  • Having a valid transgender ID card issued by Nadra
  • Complete NSER Survey.
  • PMT score must be within the set limit.
  • Make sure that the gender on the Nadra card is mentioned as transgender.

Step-by-step guide

  • Visit your nearest Nadra office and get your Khwaja Sarai ID card
  • visit your closest Benazir office along with CNIC
  • completed your dynamic survey
  • Send your CNIC number without a dash to 8171.
  • After verifying eligibility, you will become a beneficiary

Program Objective

Eradication of poverty and financial assistance of Khawaja Sara are the main objectives. You can Withdraw your money through any ATM of HBL bank if you are a Punjab Balochistan or Sindh resident. If you are a Kpk, Azad Jammu Kashmir, or Gilgit Baltistan resident, use the ATM of Bank Alfalah. Cash is withdrawn after proper biometric verification.

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The Amount provided to Eligible Khwaja Sara

7000 rupees will be delivered every quarter to the marginalized trans society. The whole process is transparent, as the biometric system lessens the chances of corruption. On August 2, 2024, the board approved 471 billion budget for financial years 2024.

Ehsaas Masawat Program

Keeping in view the poverty and vulnerability of our intersex community, the Punjab Social Protection Authority has launched a Transgender Welfare Scheme to improve the rights and lives of the transgender community by providing financial assistance to the transgender community.

The scheme aims to provide protection and cash transfer opportunities to improve the quality of life of the disabled transgender community.