Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
Government Of Punjab Start Latest Kissan Card Loan Scheme 2024

The Government’s new Kissan Card Loan Scheme has been launched for poor farmers in Pakistan. Your registration can be done immediately by sending your ID card to 8070. The complete procedure is explained below. For which you can submit the application immediately.

New Kissan Card Loan Scheme 2024

Keeping in mind the inflation, the Punjab government has launched the Kissan Card Loan Scheme for poor farmers. The main purpose of which is to provide credit to farmers. So poor farmers can facilitate their crop cultivation through this loan and play an important role in the development of the country by increasing crop productivity. 

Eligible farmers will be given a loan of up to one and 1.5 lakh rupees. You can get a loan through this Kisan card to buy and sell fertilizer and increase crop productivity. Only the people of Punjab can apply for this Kisan card. Further, we have provided all the information below which you can read.

Kissan Card Loan Scheme

Check Criteria Kissan Card Loan Scheme 

Poor farmers living in Punjab who want to check their eligibility. The short procedure is given below.

  • You are a permanent resident of Punjab. 
  • Your identity card made by NADRA should be from Punjab. 
  • You have one acre to 12 and a half acres. 
  • Register your mobile SIM ID card with the land you own. 
  • They should be registered with the record centre. 
  • Apart from this, you are not getting any funds etc. from any other government department.

How to Register In Kissan Card Loan Scheme 2024?

Now we tell you the application procedure for the Kisan Card which is listed below.

  1. Go to the SMS inbox of your mobile and type your ID card number with a space. 
  2. After typing the ID card number, you have to send it to 8070.
  3.  Wait for some time all your information will be checked by ID card then after completion of verification you will be informed through a message whether you are eligible for this Kisan Card or not.

Benifits of Kissan Card

  • The Punjab Kissan Card Loan Scheme is made only for the people of Punjab, poor and deserving farmers can apply for this Kisat Card. Your registration for this Kisan Card can be done through SMS 8070.
  •  You will be given a loan of up to one and a half lakh rupees through a Kisan card. 
  • This loan will be repaid to the government within six months.
  •  You will be able to purchase your fertilizer easily through a Kisan card. 
  • Farmers can use the card as a direct farmer loan in the production of bounty. 
  • With the help of the Kisan Card, poor farmers will be provided with all the facilities for various crops.


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched the Kissan Card Loan Scheme for the farmers of Punjab. Under this now the poor farmer will be given a loan of up to one and a half lakh rupees. Farmers can get information by sending their ID card to 8070 for registration. All the information related to this has been well explained to you in this article. So that you can do your registration for a Kissan Card immediately. For more information and updates you can visit our website BISP 8171 Ehsaas.