Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
New Payment Benazir Kafaalat 17500 Received Through BISP Check Now

New payment for BISP Benazir Kafaalat 17500 has started to the eligible people. The government has asked to continue the process of distribution of money from April to July. Under which the eligible people can get this amount from their nearest BISP-established centre.  

Also, you can use the 8171 web portal created by the government to check this amount and also use the code 8171. are. Where you can use your ID card number to check the free amount. The complete procedure for it is told below.

New Payment Benazir Kafaalat 17500

The BISP Benazir Kafaalat 17500 will be given to eligible persons who have confirmed their eligibility. Along with this amount, the amount of Benazir education scholarships for children has also been added. Remember that the money will be given only to eligible people. From April to July, the new payment of Benazir Kafal will be given to the eligible people. 

These eligible persons can visit the online portal 8171 created by the government to check their amount. On which you can find out the amount of information and eligibility by using your ID card. The complete procedure of which is explained below in simple words.

Benazir Kafaalat 17500

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New Payment Benazir Kafaalat 17500 Check By CNIC

The procedure for checking the amount is briefly explained below. So that you can easily check the amount of Rs. 17500 without looking at kafalat by using your ID card.

  1. Visit the 8171 portal through mobile. 
  2. Enter your ID card number on the contact form. 
  3. Then enter the code containing four numbers given in the image. 
  4. Click on the green known button below. 
  5. After that, a message is shown on the screen in front of you. 
  6. In which you are told whether there is money in your account or not.

How to get a New Payment Benazir Kafaalat 17500 Through BISP? 

Those persons whose account is less than 17500 rupees are found by Benazir Kafalat. So they can easily get this amount.

  • They should visit the BISP cash centre established by the government. 
  • Sometimes these cash centres are set up in government schools or colleges. 
  • So that the process of distributing this money to the poor people can be completed easily. 
  • Eligible persons must carry an ID card for this. 
  • So that they can get their money immediately after completing the verification process.

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Latest Payment Update 2024 of 8171 BISP 

Regarding the current update, we inform you that BISP’s new amount Benazir Kafalat is being given 17500 rupees. These eligible persons should get their identity card updated by NADRA to check their money.

So that you can get your money on time. With this, you can also get money for children’s education scholarships. The process of money distribution is going on from April to July. Eligible people must check their money.


The new amount of the Benazir Kafalat program run by the Benazir Income Support Program has started to be given to eligible people. These eligible people can use their identity card numbers for their money. Which is used to check the amount immediately by registering on the portal created by the government. To know more you can visit our website 8171 Ehsaas.