Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Who Are Eligible Persons Punjab 50000 Roshan Gharana Scheme 

Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 

The government of Punjab has introduced the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme to meet the solar panel needs of all those families whose monthly electricity is less than 100 units. Solar panels are being provided to them in straightforward installments. You will get solar panels according to your ability and pay the installments accordingly. 

The supply of solar panels will be started soon under the Roshan Gharana scheme. If you want to become a Solar Panel Scheme Raisa by completing your registration, follow the instructions and register your name in Punjab Solar Panels.

BOP New Online Registration Procedure Start 

The Bank of Punjab has made completing your registration process very easy. You can now complete your registration by visiting the Bank of Punjab. If you are visiting Punjab above, follow the instructions below to complete your registration process.

  • First, visit any Punjab Bank near you
  • Ask for the Roshan Ghar Scheme registration form from the representative
  • Enter your National Identity Card number without any spaces in the registration form
  • Enter the complete information you are asked for
  • Enter witness information
  • Submit some necessary documents along with your registration form
  • 2000 Challan fee which will be paid to the Bank of Punjab.

How Are Eligible Persons For Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme

Before registering for the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme, get your important information so you don’t face so much humiliation in the waste. The families who have completed the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme registration should follow the instructions: first, know that if they are registered, then complete their registration process. It is a must to have this information among the lucky ones who complete their registration process in the Roshan Ghar Scheme and get solar panels.

  • You must have an original National Identity Card
  • Get personal property registered in your name
  • You must have two witnesses
  • After the witness, the National Identity Card should be present
  • Your monthly income should be up to 60000
  • You can pay the installment according to your ability
  • If you are like them, you are eligible to complete this at your registration

Punjab 50000 Roshan Gharana Scheme Latest Update

Registration for the Punjab Roshangar Scheme has started. All consumers eligible for registration in the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme should complete their registration process to avail themselves of the affordable benefits and installments of the Punjab Solar Gharana Scheme. 

Punjab 50000 Roshan Gharana Scheme Latest Update

Solar panels will be provided. According to their ability, they can do this number monthly. If you also want to register and be a part of the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, follow the instructions in the article. Punjab Solar Panel Scheme ensures solar panel distribution to its registered families. 

With rising inflation in 2024, the number of applications has also increased. In this regard, new procedures have been introduced for distribution in the Punjab Solar Banner Scheme. In this way, families selected with the help of a car can get solar panels from the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme.

For More Information: 50000 Roshan Gharana Scheme


The lack of electricity has also increased with increasing heat and inflation daily. CM Punjab Ms. Maryam Nawaz started the Punjab Solar Panels Scheme to meet the electricity shortage. Under the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, solar panels will be provided to deserving and original families. If you want to get your registration done and be part of the solar panel scheme, do your registration now. 

The registration process has been restored. In the new solar panel scheme 2024, you will be provided with solar plates and a complete solar system, which will be included in the entire solar system accessories. Register now and become a part of the Punjab Solar Gharana Scheme.