Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Government Of Pakistan 8171 New Mobile Registration Start For Disable Person

The Government of Pakistan has launched a mobile service for the registration of 8171 payments received by the government to serve the disabled. 8171 New Mobile Registration will be completed at your home through this mobile service. BISP van will take disabled persons to their homes. Where the process of registration in their 8171 BISP program will be completed.

Within this article, all the details of 8171 New Mobile Registration are given on how disabled people can join the program. you can also read: BISP New Payment 10500/- Start

Government Of Pakistan 8171 Registration

8171 Registration of disabled persons is going on through New Mobile Registration. If there is any elderly person in your family who is eligible to receive the Benazir Income Support Program amount. But it is difficult to register it in the BISP office, so you can call the 8171 portal and order a mobile van. Who will pick up disabled people from home.

Government Of Pakistan 8171 New Mobile Registration

And after their registration in the BISP office, they will be left back home. This mobile service has been started so that disabled people do not face any problem in getting money and can register them easily.

8171 New Mobile Registration Process

8171 New Mobile registration process has been made very easy. So that disabled people can ensure their registration without facing any difficulty. And by joining the Benazir program, you can get the Benazir kafaalat amount of 10500. It is an important step taken by the Benazir program to facilitate disabled people. 8171 New mobile registration can be done in the following ways:

  • For the registration of elderly people in the family, you have to write and message mobile van on 8171.
  • You will be contacted by Benazir’s official helpline and the full address will be requested.
  • So that the mobile van can be sent to your home address.
  • You will be sent to the mobile van which will pick up the elderly.
  • The registration process of persons with disabilities or senior citizens will be completed at the Benazir office.
  • Mobile vans are also providing home drop-off services to disabled people.

How much Amount Disable Person Can receive by BISP 8171?

Disabled persons have also started getting monthly assistance from 8171. All those disabled persons whose registration has been completed. They will be able to easily earn 4500 per month. If they do not receive their installment amount in one month, they will be provided two months’ installment together. And you can withdraw your money after every month from jazzcash or ATM in your city.

Eligibility Criteria for New Payment

Eligibility criteria for obtaining BISP 8171 New Payment has also been laid down. So that only those who meet the eligibility criteria can receive BISP 8171 New Payment. Following people can get Benazir program wazifa under disabled person quota:

  • All such disabled persons who have had any part of their body amputated in an accident.
  • All those disabled persons who are blind or suffering from any other disease.
  • People with disabilities who have no income earner in their family.
  • Persons with disabilities who do not have their own business.

All these people can get monthly wazifa by joining Benazir 8171 mobile registration program.