Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
How to Check Account Balance Benazir Income Support Program

If you have also registered yourself in the Benazir Income Support Program and you have also been given some amount by the BISP you want to check your amount whether you have been given this amount or not. Let us tell you that money is given by the government of Pakistan to those people who register for this program. If you also register in this program then you are also given money by BISP.

You have been given money and you want to check the money in your account, so let us tell you that you have to enter your CNIC number on your message inbox at 8171 to enter the CNIC number. Then you will be given a portal. Here you will give all your information like 8171 CNIC number four goose code etc after giving all the information you have to click on the submit button below and you will be informed about all the information there. How much money has been given to you by BISP?

Eligibility Criteria for Registration in the BISP Programme

There are certain conditions for registration in the BISP program. If your poverty score meets the requirements of the BISP program, you can register for it.

  • In particular, you must be a Pakistani
  • You don’t have exemptions to go abroad
  • The monthly income should be as per your requirement and not more
  • Belongs to a very poor family
  • The poverty score should be as per BISP program requirements
  • No land should be registered in your name

BISP Program New Registration Online Apply 2024

Apart from this if you want to register yourself in the BISP program, then let us tell you that when the registration is started by the government of Pakistan, you are informed about all the information here. At this time also let us tell you that registration for the BISP program has started. If you are not registered, please tell me to register as soon as possible. If you want to know how you can register online.

First of all, you should know that the registration of BISP programs has not been made online even by the Government of Pakistan. For registration, you will have to choose a large office, where you have given all your information to the representative. In the information, you have given all the information about your poverty, how many people are in the house, all such information you have given to the representative, and whatever information you enter to the representative, please enter the correct information so that you can be informed later. I did not face any problems.

BISP Program New Update 2024 

For more information, you have been informed about all the information below. The new information about the BISP program is telling you here that re-registration has been started by BISP and you can also get your money from BISP sitting at home. Your BISP must also be eligible for the program to get the money.

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Because those people are benefiting from the BISP program whose poverty score is also according to the BISP program. Register yourself in the BISP program and get your assistance from the BISP program at home. The purpose of making the BISP program of the government of Pakistan is to improve the future of the poor people of Pakistan by providing them with financial assistance.


When your registration is done in the BISP program, you get the result that you can meet the expenses of your children by getting money from the BISP program. This program is made for the poor people of Pakistan and this program provides financial assistance to the poor people to a large extent. If you register in this program, as soon as any aid is announced by this program. So you are also given.

However, it is mandatory to register in this program because when you register in this program, enter 8171 on the BISP message inbox and you will be given a portal. You have to pay with all your poverty information on there. If you belong to a poor family and you have been given money, then it will be told to you there that you will also be covered by the BISP program. How much money has been given and from where you can get this money, you have been informed here for such information.