Wed. May 29th, 2024
How to Apply 8800 Code For Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme New Latest Update

Those who want to qualify for the Punjab Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme by use the 8800 code while living in Punjab. So let us tell you that this code has not yet been issued by the government. Recently, to check registration and eligibility check, the government has decided to introduce a code to check the quality of registration in solar panel schemes. 

Some people are checking their eligibility by using this code. So that they can become a part of the scheme by ensuring their eligibility in the Punjab Roshan Grana scheme. We tell you how you can get your registration in the Solar Panel Scheme and what are the eligibility criteria. You can read this article till the end.

8800 Code For Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme

With the help of the new government, the government has started some schemes for the poor and deserving people in Punjab and other provinces. In this way, Punjab Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has also started a free solar panel scheme to benefit the people of Punjab.

8800 Code

Under this scheme, solar panels will be provided to 5000 eligible people living in Punjab in the first phase. These solar panels will be given to eligible people on payment of 25% on down payment. After that 75% will be paid by the government

8800 Code SMS Registration Not Available

SMS 88 code has not been restored yet, as soon as the government restores it. The people of Punjab can check their eligibility like ehsaas or BISP by sending their CNIC to this code. Since SMS does not discover the procedure for registration and eligibility check only. So don’t use this code for now. As soon as the use of this code is implemented, you will be issued new updates accordingly.

Eligibility Check 8800 Code

If you want to be a part of this scheme while living in Punjab, then the eligibility criteria must be met. Those people who use 100 to 300 units of electricity while living in Punjab can join this scheme.

 For registration, they can get the form from their nearest Punjab Bank and complete their registration. You can use code 8800 to check your eligibility. But at present, this code has not been officially launched by the government. You wait some time for that. You can regularly visit your nearest Punjab Bank for your registration.

How to Register for the Punjab Roshan Gharana Solar Scheme?

If you want to get registered for a solar panel scheme then you can easily qualify for it. If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above, then you will be a part of this program.

  1. Visit your nearest Punjab Bank for registration.
  2. Get the Punjab Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme form from the bank representative there.
  3. After getting the form, read it carefully and fill it out.
  4. After entering the complete information properly, read it once again.
  5. After that submit the form back to the bank representative.
  6. Your registration process has been completed.
  7. After waiting for a few days, a message related to the Punjab Roshan Gharana scheme will be sent to your mobile.


8800 code is used by people to check their eligibility, but the government has not released any such code yet, so don’t use this code, as soon as a new update is given by the government. You can check your eligibility for the Punjab Roshan Gharana 16 Scheme. So keep visiting our website for new updates and information.