Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
Application Form For BISP 2024 8171 Online Registration

The government has started the Application Form for BISP. The main objective of starting this program is to end the uncontrolled poverty in the country of Pakistan since 1970. The increase in the death rate of the poor people, the economic hardship, and the poverty scheme of the country of Pakistan are to be ended through this program. The poor people have to be given countless sources of sustenance.

The present government has started new forms to apply to this program. You will receive information about your registration eligibility and payment through these forms. For more information, you have to read our article. Last but not least, people who are very poor and deserving will apply to this program. It is decided to give them an aid of 8000 billion.

BISP Application Form for Urdu 2024

If you poor people want to receive the application form in Urdu given this new update of 2024, then you have to send the SMS survey to 8171. Upon sending an SMS, your request will be processed and a registration form will be provided to you in Urdu. 

You will get your registration done easily. If you have any problem through SMS then you can. You can go to the SP center and get the form converted to Urdu. This program will give you 27 thousand rupees. You will also get a 25% discount on your application.

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BISP Application Form Tracking

If you poor people have reached the PASS of the registration form keeping in mind their poverty, then you have to read this application form for confirmation. After reading, you have to enter the information asked in it. After entering, you have to copy this form and submit it to the NSER survey office.

After submission, you will receive a reply SMS to your CNEC number on 8171 within some time after your application form stage has been completed. You can now ensure your eligibility criteria. Remember that rich people will not be able to fill out this form, and action will be taken against them.

Registration BISP Application Form 2024

If you have completed the registration stage and now want to know your eligibility through the application form, then you can find this new application form for 2024 by visiting the official website. There you have to open this form completely on the screen.

After opening it, you have to enter your CNIC number, survey number, registration number phone number, and photo report at the end and click on the submit button. 

After that, you will be fully eligible for this program and the eligibility criteria of your family will also be informed that you are eligible for this program. For more information, you can click on the link on our site and receive the information.

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Required Documents

When you go to register in 2024 during the Newcome of BISP program, take the following documents along with you.

  • Your Pakistani 13-digit ID number
  • Education certificates of your children
  • Your wife’s CNIC number
  • If there is a disabled person in your household, their disability certificate
  • Your phone number
  • Survey Participant ID Number

Where To Get Your Assistance After Completing Your Eligibility And Registration?

If you poor people have completed their registration and eligibility according to the new announcement of the current government, now you want to receive your aid money, then you have to ensure your CNIC number.

You have to create your ATM bank account or your aid amount will go into your bank account. You will be able to get your CNC number by going to Benazir’s office. Call this helpline number for more information. You can make all your complaints there.

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Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for this program are as follows:

  • Those who have a monthly income of 15,000 can be eligible for this program
  • Whose poverty score is 22 percent
  • Who have no government job in Pakistan
  • Those who do not have passports etc. from any foreign country
  • Whose land is only one 2
  • Whose house has very bad water resources
  • Whose houses are very blessed
  • Who are very disabled and lame
  • Those who are transgender women
  • Elderly people whose age is around 15 to 90 years