Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Good News! Benazir Kafaalat New QIST 12500 Deduction Complaint Portal Launch 2024

Benazir Kafaalat new QIST 12500 deduction complaint portal BISP 8171 has been launched in 2024. Another good news for those who received episodes of the Benazir program is that those who used to do so could not receive a total of 12500 episodes.

They used to get a small amount instead of the full amount, and because of that, they were worried. If, for any reason, you are not getting your full installment, then you can complain through the web portal, which will give you the best support and total amount to get the whole installment. You will be helped in every way to achieve.

Benazir Kafaalat New QIST 12500 Deduction

As you know, every three to four months, BISP gives installments of Benazir Income Support to poor people or to poor families so that every poor person can fulfill some of his needs. By the way, BISP has announced the new installment of 12500 for the year 2024,

But its specific date has yet to be announced; let us tell you that most poor people do not get the entire installment. The government introduced a new management web portal to get full installments of income support, but it also failed to get the poorer people to get their total installments. 

Benazir Kafaalat QIST 12500

They used not to get the full installment that they were entitled to, but now even the poor people have Ba, a very convenient facility, introduced through which those who do not get the full installment can register their grievances and get their share. You have to read all the paragraphs below to know the complete details of the amount you will be able to receive from Benazir Income Support Program.

How to Benazir Kafaalat’s New QIST 12500 Deduction Complaint on the portal?

If you are a part of the Benazir Kafaalat New QIST 12500 program and you are eligible for this program. You are receiving your installments and facing the problem of a high deductible in the next installment. Non-Received Payment BISP has introduced a mechanism through which you can file complaints against those who deduct your money and quickly eliminate this problem. 

There is an effortless procedure for this.

  • You have to submit all your data in the BISP office and your application, in which your compliance has been done below.
  • There are two ways to do this: submit a complaint or go to the BISP office and file your complaint. You need to know more details.
  • The procedure is fully explained, and reading it lets you easily get all the cases without deduction.
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The procedure of Deducation complaints through Phone Calls

Therefore, BISP has introduced an excellent and convenient method to register deduction complaints through a phone call.

You have to follow these steps to file deduction complaints;

  • You must also call BISP’s helpline at 0800-26477 to register your deduction by phone. 
  • A BISP representative will connect you on the phone call. 
  • Remember that he may ask you for his identity card number and your children’s ID card number, which you must have.
  • Your payment will be refunded.
  •  And legal action will be taken against any BISP representative who deducted your payment.

You have been given the complete procedure for Benazir Kafaalat new QIST 12500 deduction complaint over the phone, which you can follow and file at home.

The Benazir Kafaalat New QIST 12500 Complaints through the BISP Office

You can also submit your deduction complaints at your nearest BISP office. Those not aware of less support are getting what they are getting, but they are getting less due to a reduction in their installments and want to register their complaints in the BISP office. You can go and register your complaints. Below is the procedure for filing your complaints in the BISP office, which you can follow to file your payment deduction complaint easily.

  • You must go to the BISP office to file your complaint about the money deduction.
  • They must have an ID card.
  •  The complaints filed by you will be processed.
  • and action will be taken immediately.
  • your deduction amount will be returned to you.
  • Legal action will be taken against the person who deducted your amount.


Most families who are part of Benazir Income Support and qualify for the program receive all their benefits. Still, their installments are cut drastically, leaving them with much-needed benefits. Due to this Benazir Kafaalat new QIST 12500 payment deduction, the government has introduced a complaint filing system.

You can easily file a complaint if the payment is deducted from your installments. Two methods have been introduced. One can be done by calling, and the other by going to the 8171 Ehsaas BISP office and filing your complaint. We have given you all the details in the above article. You can read all about it and register your complaints easily