Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Good News! CM Maryam Announced Dastak Program 2024 to Provide Services to Homes

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz launched an app called the Maryam Dastak program on Tuesday. The purpose of this is to deliver important government services directly to the homes of the residents of Punjab. Streamlining the process and reducing the need for visits to government offices is one of the main objectives of this app.

Residents of Punjab get all their services through visits to various government departments. The government has now made it easy. You can get all the services through this app. You have to read the whole article till the end to read more information.

Maryam Dastak Program 2024

Maryam Nawaz Sharif is launching a new coin for the residents of Punjab. Similarly, he has launched an app called the Maryam Dastak Program for the residents of Punjab. The main purpose of which is to provide government services to the residents of Punjab.

Maryam Dastak Program

Among these services, services like up-domicile e-stamping, birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce certificates and tax payments can be easily accessed at home through this app. Further guidance regarding this app has been provided to you.

Main Services Of Dastak Program 2024

We tell you about the important services related to Maryam’s Dast app which are as follows.

  1. Issuance of domicile
  2.  E-Stamping
  3.  Birth and death certificate
  4.  Marriage and Divorce Certificate
  5.  Vehicle registration
  6.  Payment of tax

You can easily get all these facilities sitting at home. Because the official representatives will visit your homes to deliver the prepared certificate to the applicant’s door. This move will help to solve issues like long queues, unexpected information, and the influence of the commission agent. Which is going to provide a reliable and efficient doorstep service delivery system.

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Purpose of Dastak Program 2024

This Maryam Dastak program aims to provide facilities to the residents of Punjab. In these facilities, you can get services like domicile, birth and death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, domicile of Punjab, tax payment immediately. These certificates will be delivered to your home by official representatives. There is no fee etc. for this.

Easy to Use Maryam Ki Dastak App Portal

Easy web portals or mobile applications have been introduced for citizens to use. The government representative’s visit schedule can be made through it. Reducing anxiety can improve the overall experience. The main objective of the portal is to provide maximum facilities to the public. A feedback and rating system has also been introduced within the app to ensure responsiveness and continuous improvement. Along with this, multiple in-line payment options have also been added for better accessibility and convenience.

Maryam Announce 700000 jobs

Maryam Nawaz emphasized on the determination to make the lives of the citizens of Punjab easier in the launching ceremony. He has also highlighted that Maryam’s knocking is leading to an important step. This defect will not only provide you with other facilities but also 70 thousand jobs will be created. From which the ability to increase employment through the defect will be further highlighted.

Maryam Nawaz has also said in this event as a reminder that other successful measures including the establishment of the Ramadan package and field hospitals have also been included. Necessary medicines are being delivered to people’s homes easily. Cancer patients are getting two months of medicines directly at their doorsteps.


Chief Minister Omar Ibn Sharif has started Maryam Dastak program. In which 70 thousand people will also get job benefits through this app. In this case, facilities like nominal marriage certificate, death certificate, tax payment are available. You will download it from play store and get all the facilities at home. For more guidance you can visit our website 8171 and get new information.