Wed. May 29th, 2024
Govt Of Punjab 50000 Roshan Ghar Scheme For Poor People 

Punjab Roshan Ghar Scheme

The process of giving solar panels to 50000 families under the Punjab Roshan Ghar Scheme has been started. All those families who have submitted their applications have started the process of distribution. Loans were arranged for the distribution process in 2024. In which eligible families were selected through a lottery. Not only men can apply in this program but also women can complete their registration process by completing their registration process. 

Congratulations to all families who have submitted their applications. The process of distribution of money to all the selected people has started. In this project of 2024, the provision of a Solar Panel Scheme to 50000 families will be ensured. To get your registration details follow the instructions in the article to get complete details of your registration process.

New Registration By Bank Of Punjab 

Visit your nearest Bank of Punjab now to complete your registration process in the Roshan Ghar Scheme. If you want to complete your registration process, go to your nearest bank and complete your registration process. The New nearest Bank of Punjab is a very easy and best choice to complete the registration in the scheme. The complete procedure for filling out the registration form is as follows:

  • Visit the Bank of Punjab now
  • You will be given a Roshan Ghar Scheme registration form
  • Enter your complete details in it
  • Submit copies of required documents as requested
  • 2000 Challan to your nearest Bank of Punjab

Get New Registration Form New Method

Now you can also get the registration form for the Punjab Roshni Ghar Scheme with the help of an online procedure. Fill out this form and submit any of your taxes to the Bank of Punjab. When you submit the registration form, your name is entered in the draw. First, your eligibility is checked. In case of completion of all your registrations, you are assured of the solar panel scheme.

If you have also completed your registration process and are waiting and want to know when the distribution process of solar panel skin will start, then congratulations, the distribution process has started. Soon all the details will be explained to you clearly. If you have not registered yet, complete the registration.

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Roshan Ghar Scheme For 50000 Families Latest Update

According to the latest update of 2024, the registration process for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme has been maintained. All those users who have not yet completed their registration can become a part of the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme by completing their registration process. In the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, 50 thousand families will be assured of solar panels. The registration process has not been released yet. According to the procedure given in the article, you can complete your registration process and become a part of the Roshan Gharana Scheme.

For More Information: Punjab Roshan Gahrana Scheme


A very wonderful step taken by the Punjab government to meet the shortage of electricity is that 50 thousand families will be provided with solar panel plants through solar panels across Punjab. In 2024, most of the farmers will be included in the Punjab Roshan Gharana scheme to reduce the problems of agriculture in Pakistan and make Kasan prosperous. It aims to meet the growing shortage of electricity in Punjab. 

This scheme was launched by CM Punjab Ms Maryam Nawaz. Soon complete the registration process and become a part of the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme Roshan Gharana Scheme aims to meet the shortage of electricity. For this purpose, the minimum amount of solar will be ensured and you will ensure repayment in instalments through your means.