Fri. May 31st, 2024
How to Receive New Payment 10500 Benazir 8171 Program

BISP New Payment 10500

The BISP program has announced a new amount. Now you can get a new amount of 10500. In 2024, with the new amount, registration in the BISP program has also been started. All the women who are already registered get the New Payment 10500 now by doing their finger verification. Also, if you have not registered yet and you are sure that you are eligible for registration.

Then immediately follow the instructions given in the article and complete your registration process to become a part of the BISP program. The received installment can be in your name. If you are facing disqualification despite submitting your application repeatedly, then don’t worry, this article has explained all the procedures in a very easy way.

8171 New Registration Start For All Women

8171 New Registration The registration process for all women has been restarted. Many women are facing difficulties in completing their registration process. If you are unable to complete the registration process due to repeated failures in your registration, then you should follow the instructions given below to complete your registration. 8171 To register in the program, follow the specific steps below

  • Visit the 8171 web portal now
  • You will be given a form
  • It is very easy to use
  • Enter your National Identity Card number in the first field
  • Enter the code given in the image in the second meal
  • Click on the green button below

How To Get New Payment 10500

A new amount of 10500 has started to be transferred to the Benazir 8171 program. All those women who are already registered and receiving money. They have started receiving SMS of a New Payment 10500. In 2024, the process of distribution of money will be completed with the help of a new method. It is being said that the determination to complete the process of distribution of money through ATM will be started soon. Hurry up all those women who are getting less. Out of these 9.3 million women will start the process of withdrawing money through ATMs and they will be able to get their money easily.

How To Get New Payment 10500

Benazir 8171 New Payment Latest Update

According to the latest update of the New Payment 10500 of the 8171 Benazir program, the money distribution process has been started. Now you can get less by doing your finger verification. Apart from this, all those women who are facing problems with finger verification in getting money, then they will also get money without finger verification. The procedure for getting fingerless verification is slightly different. Apart from this, along with the distribution of money, the process of new registration has also been started. The entire registration procedure is described in the article. Follow this to complete your registration process.

For More Information: Benazir Income Support Program 10500


Benazir Income Support Program is provided by the Government of Pakistan to all deserving and poor women with financial assistance to fulfil their basic needs. In this era of inflation, it has become difficult for poor families to meet their basic expenses. Benazir 8171 program has committed to deal with the ever-increasing poverty. Under this program, the eradication of poverty in Pakistan will be ensured.

All those women who have registered will be subsidized by the government for their financial expenses. Be part of the new registration program for 10500 in the program. This initiative of the government of Pakistan has been praised at the international level. With the help of this program, the eradication of poverty in Pakistan can be ensured. All those families who were suffering from misery due to poverty can be taken care of better.