Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
Maryam Nawaz Ramzan Negahban Relief Package in Panjab 2024Maryam Nawaz Ramzan Negahban Relief Package in Panjab 2024

Negahban Relief Package in Panjab 2024

If you want to register for the Ramadan Negahban Relief Package, then you should register as soon as possible. Because Negahban Relief Program is a Punjab Ramadan relief package, in which poor people are provided with ghee and necessities during Ramadan. You should register as soon as possible. Because this program provides financial assistance only during Ramadan, its registration will be terminated later.

This program will also reach its completion. After that, no financial assistance will be provided to you by this program. You should get yourself registered in the guardianship program as soon as possible. So that you can get full benefits from the Negahban Relief Program in the month of Ramadan. The purpose of the government of Pakistan in creating this program is to make the lives of the poor people peaceful. So that they can live their future calmly by getting ration.

Neghban program online Registration 2024 

If you want to do the online registration in Negahban Relief Package program sitting at home, then let us tell you that the online procedure for its registration has not been given by the government of Pakistan. Online procedure is not made because some people are not literate due to which they are not able to register online.

  For this reason, the Government of Pakistan has created an office for the Negahban Relief Package program. People go there and get their registration done, if they are registered then they are given the assistance they get from this program. You should visit your language program center as soon as possible. Give your information there. The representative takes the information from you. You have to give the correct information. If you give the wrong information, you will not be registered in this program.

Online Registration Form Neghban program

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Eligibility process 

You must meet the eligibility criteria listed below for registration in this program

  • You live in Punjab
  • The poverty score should be on the terms given by the government
  • Monthly income should be up to 25 thousand
  • Quizman should not be registered in your name
  • No vehicle should be registered in your name
  • You Must may be eligible
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New update 

In addition, we want to inform you about the new update of the Negahban Relief Package program that the government of Pakistan has started the Negahban Relief Package program because very poor people are worried about how they will spend their Ramadan. So the government of Pakistan has started the Negahban Package program. So that maximum assistance is provided to the poor people.

At this time, many lakhs of people are becoming eligible in this program.Many lakhs of people are getting eligible and getting their ration from this program, make sure to register yourself in this program. So that you can also get this ration. You can get your ration from this program when you are registered in the Negahban Relief Package program.


The ration of the Negahban Relief Package program is distributed to the people by going door to door. A center is built in their area. There is a team of the Nihgaban program there, that collects the poor people, and checks their data through the portal, if they are eligible, they are provided with a ration bag.

If you are not eligible then you will not be provided a ration by the ration program because this ration is for poor people and those poor people are eligible in this program. They are provided only because those who are L are based on the conditions of the poverty store guardian program. For more information, you can read this article of ours, you are informed about all the procedures here.