Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Ehsaas Nayee Zindagi Program online Registration 2024
Punjab Nai Zindagi program Registration

Social protection policies and programs are often recognized as crucial tools for addressing the persistent issue of poverty. The primary goal of social protection is to strengthen the resilience of impoverished individuals facing various economic and social risks.

In light of this, the Punjab Social Protection Authority, as part of the ‘Punjab Ehsaas Program,’ has launched the ‘Nayee Zindagi Program’ specifically designed for Acid Attack Victims. This program is dedicated to rehabilitating Acid Attack survivors through a comprehensive approach that includes reconstructive surgeries and psychological counseling. The ultimate aim is to facilitate their reintegration into society and improve their socio-economic well-being.

The PSPA plans to work closely with the Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department to ensure the provision of these essential services, covering the costs associated with treatment.

Nayee Zindagi Program / Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan Registration Process

Participating in a rehabilitation program can mitigate the impact of injuries, enhance overall health and quality of life, and lessen the reliance on healthcare services. Therefore, rehabilitating these victims is crucial in helping them achieve as much independence and productivity as possible within their homes and communities. Empowering victims of acid attacks through institutional support across various domains represents a significant stride towards improving their socio-economic circumstances.

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Ehsaas Nayee Zindagi Program Objectives

This program has been developed with the following goals in mind:

  1. To offer medical and psychological rehabilitation to victims of acid attacks.
  2. To safeguard the social rights of these victims within society.
  3. To prevent the social exclusion of acid attack survivors and enable them to live dignified, socially inclusive lives.
  4. To enhance the resilience of acid attack victims by providing income generation opportunities through skill training and interest-free loans for employment or self-employment.

Through this program, victims of the heinous crime of acid attacks receive financial support and comprehensive rehabilitation at the government’s expense. This includes skin grafting treatment, skill development, and access to interest-free loans to support their livelihoods.

Eligibility criteria for the Nayee Zindagi program

All acid attack victims who have filed an FIR related to the incident and possess a valid CNIC are eligible to receive a treatment grant of Rs 1,000,000 through the official website.

  • Acid victims.
  • FIR documenting the incident.
  • Valid ID Card

Naya Zindagi program Hospital list Treatment Centre

  • Burn unit, Jinnah Hospital Lahore.
  • Burn unit Moyo Hospital Lahore.
  • Burn unit Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur.
  • Burn unit Nishtar Hospital Multan.
  • Burn unit Allied Hospital Faisalabad.
  • Burn unit Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi.

Skin grafting and plastic surgery can be expensive procedures, but the government is providing free treatment to reduce the risk of contracture formation and skin alterations.