Wed. May 29th, 2024
Exclusive News! Punjab Announces New Negahban Card For Poor Family

We are informing you about the information of the Nighaban program. If you want to get information about the Negahban Card, you have come to the right place. You are being informed about the Nighaban program here. You are now being given this information about the Negahban Card.

If you belong to a poor family of Punjab, i.e., you belong to Punjab and you belong to a poor family, then let us tell you that the government of Pakistan is announcing the Nighaban Card. You should get your Negahban card. You can get these Up Nihgaban cards when registered with the Negahban Card.

Purpose Negahban Card 2024 

If you want to know for what purpose the Nighaban card is made, then let us tell you that the purpose of making the Nighaban card is to help the poor people who live in Punjab at the moment and there is no one to earn money in their homes. The dependents died, and at that time, there was no earner in their house.

So now they are being registered in the Nighaban program and as soon as they are registered they are provided a Nighaban card. They should get the Nihgaban Card so that some financial benefits will be given to them by the Nihgaban Card.

Eligibility Criteria 

If you want to register yourself in the Nihgaban program then the following are your eligibility criteria during registration,

  • The place where you live should be in Pakistan
  • The vehicle is not registered in the name of the householder
  • No land should be registered in anyone’s name
  • You must belong to a poor family
  • If parents have died then submit their death certificate
  • Submit all poverty biodata accurately

How to Online Registration Negahban Card 

If you want to register online for the Negahban Card and get a Nighaban card while sitting at home, then let us tell you that registration for the Negahban Card has not been made online at this time. If you want to know why the registration for the Negahban Card is not made online

 So let’s tell them there are many areas in Pakistan where network facilities are not being provided by the government. Due to this, it is difficult for the people there to register online, and the Government of Pakistan has not made its registration online.

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New Information Negahban Program in Punjab

Apart from this, we are informing you about the new information about the Nighaban program. If you are a Punjab resident, you can register using the Negahban Card. The new update also revealed those who had submitted their information to the Nighaban card.

But they were not registered, so now let’s tell them they will be registered. And it will also be announced that they will be assisted by the Negahban Card. You should also register yourself to receive assistance from the Negahban Program.


The Government of Pakistan covers many of your expenses to become an in the Negahban Card. If you also live in Punjab, get your registration done as soon as possible so that you can also be assisted Nighaban card.

At that time, all the poor people living in Punjab have registered. If they are registered, they are getting the assistance provided by the Nihgaban card.