Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Exclusive News! NSER Document Verification Procedure Start For Ineligible Families [15 June 2024]

NSER document verification has been restarted for the non-eligible poor families in Pakistan. This verification is being done so that the people who could not register for the Ehsaas program due to some problems were not getting their eligibility and any financial. If they were not getting the aid, they could also get economic aid because of this survey.

NSER Document Verification Procedure Start 

The government restarted the NSER document verification registration procedure so that people can complete their verification and get financial help through this survey. Go to the BISP office and confirm that all poor people are included in economic assistance. People are not getting financial aid due to complex problems.

NSER Document Verification

For this, you have to meet the criteria given by the government, such as the poverty scale, i.e., you can check your quality and your ability. It is an excellent and instrumental survey for poor people. All poor families can benefit from this survey, and those not registered in the Ehsaas program can register and participate. Financial aid can be easily obtained.

Eligible Criteria

You must meet these criteria to register in this program 8171 NSER document verification. If you meet these criteria, you will be eligible.

  • Your poverty rate should be more than 30 percent.
  • Do not have your own home.
  • If the caste is a house, then it is raw.
  • Do not have any agriculture area in your name.
  • The residential area in your name should not be too much.
  • No government job.
  • The bank balance should be less than 20 thousand.
  • Your source of income is low.

Documents Required for NSER survey

These documents are mandatory for verification in NSER

  • You Must have an ID card
  • You have a phone number 
  • Children must have a B-form certificate
  •  If a widowed woman must have the death certificate of her husband
  •  If a disabled person must have disability certificate
  •  Must have an income certificate from the source 
  • Must have attested documents of all your family members
  • You must have a Bank statement
  • You have must be an electricity bill

These documents are mandatory for the NSER survey, and your verification cannot be completed due to the names of the papers.

How to Register through the 8171 NSER Document Verification in Kafaalat?

If you want to get NSER Survey registration, then you have to follow these steps;

  1. I got the nearest BISP Office.
  2. The representative will take all these documents from you and verify you.
  3. Do not enter your information incorrectly. Otherwise, you will not be able to register and face many difficulties.
  4. If you meet the criteria, a representative will certify you.
  5. Then you will be given a few days. In a few days, you will be informed by a message whether you are registered for this program or not.

NSER Document Verification New Update 2024

The NSER survey has been launched to re-launch it to those not registered in the BISP program or disqualified for any reason due to any hardship or inconvenience. Due to some mistake, they could not complete their eligibility under this survey; they can join this program and get 8171 BISP Ehsaas payment of 10500. 

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You must meet the government’s criteria to be eligible, which can be ensured by your high poverty rate for this program. You have to complete your registration for this survey. Documents are required, which we have told you above. You can get financial assistance by registering for it. The registration procedure is straightforward; we have given you all the other details in this article. We have followed them and told you. You can complete your verification or registration effectively.