Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
NSER Survey Start For New Ineligible Person Benazir Kafaalat Program

The Government of Pakistan has started the NSER Survey for the Benazir Kafaalat Program for Ineligible People of Different Areas. It has been started for all those ineligible people who could not register earlier, or those who are still engaged in this cycle and are not eligible for the Benazir Kafalat program, so they will not get any money.

The government also includes new people in this program. So immediately complete your registration within the NSER survey using the method mentioned in this article so that the new Benazir sponsorship program payment can be sent to you.

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Benazir Kafaalat Program 2024

It should be remembered that the registrations were closed in the new payment of Benazir Kafaalat program which is starting to be distributed among the deserving and rare people from next month. However, there were many people who were eligible to receive money for the Benazir Kafalat program. But they have not received any payment yet.

NSER Survey Start For New Ineligible Person

So, to re-register such people, the government of Pakistan has taken this step, and they are being declared eligible again after NSER survey registration. The Benazir kafaalat program payment is being sent. As the rate of poverty increases, the number of people joining the Benazir Kafalat program in Pakistan also increases. For this reason, the government has decided to reopen registration for this program.

NSER Survey Start For Kafaalat Payment

If you want to get the Benazir kafalat payment as soon as possible, you have to get registered in the NSER survey immediately. NSER survey teams are visiting your area. If the visit has been done within your area, you must go inside the Benazir Kafaalat program office and complete your registration process there.

If the NSER survey registrations are still open in your area, register your family in this program immediately. So that the payment of 10500 of the Benazir Kafaalat program received by the Government of Pakistan can be sent to you.

It should be remembered that only those who have no job and are living in extreme poverty are entitled to this payment. And they belong to areas of Pakistan where there is no source of employment from the government.

Who is eligible to Register for NSER Survey?

A variety of people can be included within the NSER survey. But rich and well-employed people are not enrolled in it, because this program is designed for poor people. And the aim of this program is to end destitution and poverty from within Pakistan. And the people who are tired of inflation have to get rid of inflation. Only people with the following qualifications can join this program:

  • You must have your national identity card with you.
  • Your monthly income should be less than 25 thousand.
  • Your family should not have any other source of employment.
  • No one from your family works in government departments.
  • Your household expenses are more than your gross income.
  • No member of your family has gone to any other country.
  • Your poverty score should be less than 32.

If you fulfill all these eligibility criteria, you will be registered for the ANSER survey key. And you will be sent a new payment of Benazir program.

Required Documents

If you want to register under the NSER survey, you will need the following documents while applying. These documents will confirm whether you are really eligible for this program or if you are lying. Those who register under this program by false means will have their application rejected during BISP document verification.
You must have your national identity card with you.
You should also have your children’s bay form.
You should have proof of your monthly income.
You should have a photocopy of your house electricity bill.
You are not earning your livelihood from any other means.
You have the school certificates of your children that they are studying in government institutions.
If you meet all these eligibility criteria, you will be registered for the new payment of Benazir Kafalat program. The confirmation message will be sent to you from 8171. If you do not meet this eligibility criteria, we apologize that you will be disqualified for this program.