Wed. May 29th, 2024
CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif Launch Online Punjab Portal 20000 Bike Scheme 

If you are a student and want to register yourself in the bike scheme started by Ms. Maryam Nawaz, then let us tell you that at this time poor students will be provided. If you are a student of Punjab and want to register yourself in Punjab Bike Scheme, then you can do your registration easily.

You can get your bike online. Considering the country’s situation and educational situation, if you belong to a poor family, you will be able to get this bike. You are informed about all the procedures through the online Punjab portal.

Approval of Bike Scheme 2024 

This bike scheme has been approved by Chief Minister Punjab Ms. Nawaz Ms. Maryam Nawaz. It is a fact that this program is kept interest-free. In this, if you get a bike, you will not have to pay any kind of interest. This step aims to provide a better future for the students.

Even earlier in Punjab, many students could not study due to the same situation, i.e. there were no bikes to take them to school or college. Due to this, he could not continue his education. For this reason, Ms. Maryam Nawaz has started an electric bike program for these poor students, in which they will be provided with electric bikes.

Eligibility Criteria 

For registration in Ehsaas Program Punjab Bike Scheme, your eligibility criteria should be below,

  • First of all your residence should be in Pakistan
  • The poverty score should be up to 20%
  • There should be no earners in the household
  • You are a college or university student
  • This program is an interest-free program
  • New registration has also been started in Punjab Bike Scheme
  • If you are not registered, register soon
  • This registration can be done through the Punjab Bank

Panjab Bike Scheme New Registration 2024  

Currently, 20,000 bikes are being distributed among poor students, including 19,000 petrol bikes and 1,000 electric bikes which will be provided to college and university students. The process of distribution has also been started.

If you are not eligible, then get eligible as soon as possible. If you are successful during the eligibility period, then you will be provided this electric bike on loan from May 2024 without interest. Get your registration done as soon as possible.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Check Eligibility Through Web Portal 2

Panjab Bike Scheme New Information 2024 

Apart from this, we are telling you the new information on Punjab Bike Scheme registration has been announced by the Government of Pakistan according to the new information. If you are not registered then want to register yourself

So meet the representative of Punjab Bank as soon as possible. Give the information that the representative will ask you. After giving the information, the representative registers you in this program and you can get the electric bike from this program.


The purpose of registration in the Punjab Bike Scheme is to show the way of life and the poor students of Pakistan for a better future. 20000 bikes which will be provided to the college university students. 19,000 petrol bikes and 10,000 electric bikes are available and these electric bikes will be provided at this time.

When your registration is done in the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme, get registered as soon as possible and get your bike and improve your educational life. For this reason, Ms. Maryam Nawaz has started an electric bike program for these poor students. In which they will work electric bikes.