Wed. May 29th, 2024
Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024 Eligible Families List Announced

Maryam Nawaz Launch New Scheme 

Maryam Nawaz has started a new scheme. in which these families are being qualified. Who are worried about electricity bills? Maryam Nawaz of the Punjab government has taken this decision to solve their electricity bill problems. That the people of Punjab should be given such relief in particular. That they can make their lives prosperous. And if we can get rid of the electricity bills, Maryam Nawaz has taken this decision in the recent meeting keeping in mind the electricity bills. 

The people of Punjab should be given six solar plates for a family through which they can easily meet their household expenses. And they don’t have to pay the electricity bill. If you want to get a solar plate. So you have come to the right place. Here you will also get rid of your registration problems. You can get your registration done here immediately.

If you are facing any kind of problem then you don’t have to panic but you have to fight the problems. Solar plates will be provided to every family. This is the condition. Only those families who meet the criteria will be given solar plates. Read the article with an explanation to get solar plates.

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New Method Online Registration Solar Panel Scheme

If you want to register your online registration in the Solar Panel Scheme via New Method. So today it is time that people cannot even create their solar panel scheme at home. The quality of qualification has been changed. There were many families like this. 

Which were previously told of importance. If you are eligible and can get solar plates, the recent meeting has changed the crylet according to the new lettuce update. In which families who have more than 300 or 300 units of electricity will be hired. Can get your solar plate at home immediately.

For More Information : BOP Solar Panels Registration Process

How to Receive At-Home Solar Panel 

If you want to get your solar plates sitting at home, then you should do your online registration. Remember, you are asked for your full home address while registering online. There you have to enter all your information correctly. When you enter all your information correctly there, you will see a submit button at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on this, you are eligible for this program. 

Once you are eligible for this program, you can transfer your grant money to any Punjab Bank in your local area and get your solar panel. If you still face any kind of problem, then everything has been explained here to solve your problems. Read the article with an explanation and you will know all the procedures. How can you ensure eligibility in this program now and get solar at home? So contact your Punjab Bank representative for more information.


The latest update in the Solar Panel Scheme has clarified that the families whose criteria meet the criteria of the Solar Panel Scheme will be eligible for this program Roshan Gharana Scheme 20 Solar Panel Scheme It is said that the criteria is also SAM or the government employees will not be eligible in the solar panel scheme. 

Those families who have a government employee in one of their households cannot get solar panels because of that criteria. and in the recent meeting, it has been stipulated that those persons who fulfil the fourth criterion only those families will be eligible and given silk plates.