Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Process Of Distribution Of 20000 Petrol and E Bikes Begins! Check Your Name in The Balloating List 

The process of Distributing 20,000 petrol and E-Bikes Begins with the Pakistan government. It will be provided to poor people who cannot buy a motorcycle by paying cash together. This motorcycle will be given to them by the government, and we will give it to them at a cheap rate. The government of Pakistan will give it in installments. It will be very easy for poor people to give money little by little.

Process Of Distribution Of 20000 Petrol and EBikes Begins

The government of Pakistan has announced that it will give motorcycles to students and poor people across Punjab. The government has announced that it will provide 20,000 motorcycles, of which 19,000 will be electric bikes and 1,000 will be petrol-powered. Both boys and girls will be given, and the procedure to get the inbox is straightforward.

Through this motorcycle scheme, there is a golden opportunity for those who cannot buy bikes by paying cash. They can get them from the government at a very cheap rate. Yes, they will make installments to the poor, which the poor people will have to pay every six months, and it will be a tiny amount so that the poor people can pay it quickly.

Online registration to Get Petrol and Ebike

You can submit your application and complete your registration from the comfort of your home to get electric and petrol-powered bikes. You can access all your registrations from the comfort of your home through the web portal. The procedure for which is given below

  • You have to open Chrome on your mobile.
  • you have to open the official website of the government, which is created to get a motorcycle.
  •  it will show you the registration page. 
  • You have to open it and complete your registration there.
  •  You have to enter your ID card number.
  •  enter your number.
  •  and enter the captcha code given below.
  •  On clicking, you will be informed that you have become a part of this scheme.
  • you can get this electric bike or control bike.

You can complete your registration through the web portal by following the procedure mentioned by us.

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How to Check Check Your Name in The Balloating List?

You can check from your home whether you are eligible to get a motorcycle or not, or whether your application has been processed and whether your motorcycle is available or not. Below is the procedure how to get all the information.

  • You have to open chrome on your mobile. 
  • t you have to open this site
  • and in it, you have to open this page. 
  • you will see this page you have to open it.
  •  you have to sign in to this website to open it. 
  • As soon as you sign in.
  • the list will open in front of you. 
  • which you can also download and see in this list that about your motorcycle.

Eligible Criteria  to get Petrol and  Ebike 

Here are the electric bikes and petrol-powered motorbikes students will get who meet their criteria, be aware that not all students will get it, only those students who meet the criteria given by the government will be eligible. will be as per below

  • Students who will be very poor
  • Students should be above 18 years of age 
  • Students should have a driver’s license 
  • The student should have the previous class result 
  • The student should have the certificate of the university or college in which he is studying 
  • Student card It is mandatory that the student should not be involved in any wrongful activity, ie, theft or robbery

These bikes will be provided only to the students who are eligible for this Criteria.


. These bikes or electric bikes can be obtained by female Taliban who are very poor and whose families cannot afford a motorcycle by paying money. For them, the government has provided a perfect facility under which the average person can get this motorcycle for their studying children.

Which is also at a very cheap rate, and the poor need not pay for it in cash. which will have to be given to the poor person every six months at a shallow rate so that the poor person can get out of it easily as per the details given in the article you have read. You can get all the information