Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Punjab Government Solar Panels System Online Apply Method Through E-Portal

The Punjab government has introduced an online application web portal for solar Panels system. People living in Punjab can now easily submit their applications online. For details, you have to read this article to the end and get all the guidance.

Solar Panels System

The solar panel scheme is designed for the residents of Punjab. Those eligible under this scheme will be given a three-kilowatt solar panel system, which includes batteries and an inverter. Eligible persons will pay 25% of the system fee, and the remaining 75% will be paid by the government. The government will install this complete package at your home. 

Solar Panels System

Residents of Punjab can apply for this solar Panel system. Those people who use electricity from 100 to 300 units per month are specially declared eligible for this. All the procedures for registration are explained below. By following this you can submit your application for Solar Panels Scheme.

Objectives of Solar Panels System

The aim of the solar panel scheme is to provide solid plates to the residents of Punjab at a low discount so that those poor and willing people who want to install plates on their houses and want to use free electricity can install solar packages at their houses with this project made by the government. Eligible persons can pay 25% of their money, and the government will pay 75%. The applicant will be eligible for the loan.

Purpose Of solar Panel system 2024

This scheme’s special purpose is to provide convenience and enlighten the residents of Punjab with energy. People who are worried about expensive electricity bills and have little source of income can benefit greatly from this scheme.

This Punjab Roshan Ghar scheme can only be used by Punjab residents with a Punjab ID card and can use 100 units of electricity per month. They can easily submit their applications on the online portal.

How to Apply For Solar Panels System Through E-Portal?

The application process consists of a few important steps, as shown below. You can follow these steps to submit your application.

  1. Go to the way portal created by Up Solar Balance Scheme. 
  2. There you have to create your account. 
  3. Then you have to select a form registration option. 
  4. With this option, a form is shown to you. 
  5. On this form, you must enter all the requested information. 
  6. Then all the documents have to be uploaded. 
  7. Then you finally have to download a challan form. 
  8. And it has to be paid at your nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab. 
  9. In this way, your registration will be completed online. 
  10. You will be notified through a message. 
  11. In which it will be told whether you have qualified for it or not.

Main Features Of Punjab Solar Panels Scheme

We will inform you about the important features of this solar finance scheme which are as follows.

  • Only residents of Punjab can apply. 
  • Those persons who have Punjab ID cards and reside in any other province. 
  • They can also apply for it. 
  • Eligible people will be given a three-kilowatt solar panel system. 
  • Batteries and inverter will also be given to you with this system. 
  • Eligible persons will pay 25% of the amount in easy installments, and the government will pay 75%. 
  • Eligible persons will be given solar panel systems under the loan.


A very big project of the Punjab government has been started for the residents of Punjab named Solar Pelschem. You can go to the portal created by the government, for which the online application has started, and submit your application online. The complete procedure of applying has been explained to you in detail. For more guidance and updates, you can visit our website BISP 7181 Ehsaas, where you will be given complete guidance.