Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Receive New Payment 10500 BISP 8171 Program Through BISP Tehsil Office 2024

A new payment 10500 BISP 8171 has been announced for poor people living in Pakistan. As you know, Benazir Income Support runs a kafalat program every three to four months for eligible people. Under this program, money is given to poor people.

so that they can meet some of their daily needs, this program is said to start soon, and we will inform you all about it. Read all the paragraphs carefully to learn more.

Procedure to get New Payment 10500 BISP 8171 Program

New Payment 10500 BISP 8171 Program is straightforward. To get this payment, you must be eligible for the BISP program. As you know, Benazir Income supports the poor and needy. People are given some or other installments every three to four months to meet their daily living needs.

The procedure to get it is to go to their nearest or tehsil BISP office or withdraw it from their account. You can also get this installment in Bank Al-Falah by going there. You can take and receive your installment money, and five to six other banks have given you Benazir Income Support. 

New Payment 10500 BISP

These provide you with money quickly. If you are not eligible for this program and cannot receive any installment of Benazir Income Support, then you can easily qualify and get this installment. It has been explained in detail

Who is Eligible for a New Payment 10500 BISP Program?

The BISP program has announced a new payment 10500 BISP, but its specific date has yet to be announced. You can check whether you are eligible for this program by going to the BISP web portal’s leading site or by SMS.

1. How can you check through SMS? 

  • Send the SMS ID card number on the 8171 code.
  •  they told you are eligible for this program or not. 
  • Remember that if you look online for the last code to message. 
  • They tell you many duplicate codes. 

Remember that you must check by sending a message to 8171 only and do not send a message to any code. 

2. Second Method: 

  1. There is a BISP site that you can search and open on your mobile, 
  2. you put your ID card on it and click on Check Now. 
  3. As soon as you click on Check Now, 
  4. You will be told whether you are eligible for this program or not

How can Non-Eligibal People get Eligibility for a New Payment 10500 BISP Program?

Many poor people do not qualify for the BISP program for one reason or the BISP program. There are many reasons, like not being able to be a part of this program due to not completing

 like as the thumb identification or not submitting their application on time; the great news for them, too, is that they can get this new payment of 10500. So you can qualify. Participating in this program is an effortless way to do so.

Below are the steps to getting your BISP in this upcoming new program and the requirements or conditions under which you can be eligible.

  • PMT rating should be less than about 30 for eligibility
  • To be eligible for this program, you must also not be involved in illegal activities such as bullying or theft.
  •  who does not have a private home
  •  The bank balance should be less than 25000
  • It should not have a land area or residential area
  • Only those who do not hold any government job are eligible for this program

BISP Office Documents Verification

Part of this Benazir Kafalat program can only be a favor to those who don’t have all of the things mentioned above, and then you can get your eligibility by going to a district office near you. You have to carry all your proposals and all your documents. Remember that you should go to the office on time,

  • You must bring your ID card along with your children’s form.
  • Then, any other verified documents are to be taken with you.  
  • You have to go and submit them there and write and submit an application there, 
  • Then they will verify you thoroughly. 

You will be notified that you are eligible for this Benazir Kafalat program. You can then access your account or send money quickly.


Benazir Incom Support Program has announced a new payment of Rs 10,500 to needy and poor people whose date is yet to be fixed. The good news for the poor is that those not already in the Benazir Income Support Program can also qualify for this program. You can find out by sending your ID card number to 8171 through SMS. To participate or learn how to get it, we have given you all the details, which you can follow and get, and you can access this BISP 10500 payment program.