Wed. May 29th, 2024
Six Solar Plate Systems Distribution Starts or Eligible Families

Punjab Launch New Scheme Solar Panel 

The Solar Plate scheme has been started by the Punjab government. In which six solar plates will be given to each family. If you want to get your six solar panels. So stay connected with us, the complete procedure will be told here. How you can ensure your participation in this program and that those people who have not yet received their solar plates?

To remove their problems, all the procedures will be explained here to remove the problem. So these solar plates are being given to poor and deserving people, that is, whose electricity bill is 300 or more than 300 units. Those families can get solar plates for their family by ensuring their eligibility in this program. If you are interested, register here and get a solar plate immediately.

How to Apply Online Soler Panel Scheme 

If you want to do your online registration in this program. So you have been given an e-portal for solar plates. After going there, you need to provide your name, phone number, complete address of your home, the information that is requested from you. They have to register you correctly there. Remember if you enter any wrong or fake data in the material. So you are not qualified but you are not given the solar panel plate if you want. 

To get the solar plate for installation, first of all, register yourself here, while registering, keep in mind that you do not enter any wrong information on the portal. You have to enter that information on the portal. This is the fact that if a person intends to get solar plates by entering the wrong information, then he should not do so, rather he will be disqualified. You will be given an online portal for registration, when you enter all your information there, you will see a submit button at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on it, you are eligible in this program.

How to Get Solar Plates Through Punjab Bank

If you want to get your solar plates through Punjab Bank. So we will tell you the latest and easiest method. How can you get a loan for a solar Panel through Punjab Bank? They are also many people without interest rates who is eligible and are not being given loans, they are not eligible for solar panels.

So these brothers do not have to worry, especially this article to solve their problems. It is written for them. First of all, you don’t have to worry, by following the information that will be given to you, you can ensure your eligibility in this program, and then you can get the solar panel through Maryam Nawaz. No family will be like that. which will not be given solar panels. First of all, go to Punjab Bank. After going there, get the representative to check your CNIC and get a loan for solar plates.

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New Latest Update Punjab Soler Panel Scheme 

Punjab solar plate system distribution has been started. And many families are facing the same problems. Why did they not get solar plates? To know the reason, you have to read our article with an explanation, so there are many families. This is the main reason for those who are not being given solar plates. If their identity cards are expired, the first condition is that they should renew their identity cards, take their Naistee card and register themselves. 

Many people have this issue that their electricity bill is 100 or 200 units. According to the criteria for solar panels, camel families are being qualified whose electricity bill is 300 or more than 300 units, that is why many families are not fulfilling the criteria and are saying bad things to Maryam Nawaz. You can get your solar plate from the Solar Panel Scheme as soon as you meet the above criteria. Solar plates will not be given to those families who do not meet the criteria.