Wed. May 29th, 2024
Benazir Kafaalat 21000/- Double Installment Start For Poor Family

Benazir kafaalat 21000 amount has started to be given to all these people from the government of Pakistan. Those who have completed their registration process and all the poor and deserving people who are living in extreme poverty.

To solve their problems, the government had announced financial assistance to about 50,000 families under the Benazir Kafalat program. The amount of which has now started to be received in 2024. So find out the complete procedure to get this amount immediately. And get this money to support your children.

Benazir Kafaalat 21000

Benazir Kafaalat 21000 can be availed only by those who have fulfilled its eligibility criteria. And they were declared qualified by the government. All such people must have received an SMS from 8171 on their mobile phones. In which they must have been informed about the double installment. And they must have been told that 210,000 rupees have been sent to their account.

Benazir Kafaalat 21000/- Double Installment

So they can withdraw this amount from their nearest BISP cash center. Six different methods have been introduced by BISP. Through which Benazir can take out 210000 Kafaalat.

How to Get Benazir 21000 Kafaalat payment 2024?

If you want to receive the sponsorship program money as soon as possible, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, you have to go to your nearest BISP cash center with your National Identity Card number.
  2. BISP cash centers are built within the city’s major colleges.
  3. There you have to provide your National Identity Card to the BISP representative.
  4. He will verify you with your thumb print after your verification.
  5. According to your fingerprints BISP Nadra verification will be completed.
  6. If your verification is successful, then you will be provided double installment of Benazir kafalat.

Remember that no additional charges are received from you for withdrawing Benazir amount. If any person or representative of BISP takes money from you. So you can submit an application against it immediately.

Why Kafaalat Double Installment for Poor?

Kafaalat double installment is being given for that reason. Because there were many people who didn’t get the last episode and they were waiting to get it. His previous Kafaalat installment amount was not deducted by the government. And now they are being given 21000 in the form of double installments.

As the rate of poverty in Pakistan is increasing, the number of people joining Benazir Kafaalat program is also increasing. And for the same purpose, new sponsorship registration has also been started. So that new people can join it and benefit from this money.

Eligiblity Criteria

Not all people can join Benazir Kafaalat program. It is introduced only to those who meet its eligibility criteria. The following criteria should be met to get the double amount of Benazir Kafaalat program:

  • No one in your family should be a government employee.
  • Your monthly income should be less than 30 thousand.
  • Your family’s poverty score should be less than 20.
  • Your family meets the BISP eligibility criteria.
  • And no member of your family has gone abroad.

If you meet this Eligiblity criteria of kafaalat program then immediately submit your application at your nearest Banazir or BISP center and get double installment.

Conclusion-Benazir New Payment

In this article, you have been told all the details about how you can get Benazir New Payment. And where can you withdraw your money? Further you are also told how you can fulfill your eligibility criteria. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, you will be eligible to get a new item of Benazir 21000 and your money will just need to go in BISP office present in your city and get money.