Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Benefit Of Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme For [Boys & Girl] Students

CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif has started registration for the distribution of the Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme for students of Punjab. Students living in Pakistan who want to participate in this scheme should complete their registration as soon as possible. All information on how to apply is available below, which you can read until the end.

Latest Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme

The Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme aims to provide electric bikes to students who face transport problems while commuting to colleges or universities. Maryam Nawaz Sharif has started an electric bike scheme for male and female students. 

Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme

So that these children can get bikes in easy installments and complete their educational activities easily, you can register by visiting the government portal and submitting the online application sitting at home. Further, we have given you all the procedures for registration below, which you can follow to easily submit your application.

Application Procedure Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme

Those students who want to submit their application in Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme then the brief procedure is available below.

  1. You have to search through Govt’s Punjab e-bike scheme portal mobile.
  2. You have to create your ID on the portal. 
  3. After that, five steps will be shown in front of you which you have to complete in turn. 
  4. All the information given in these steps has to be entered properly. 
  5. So that no wrong information is entered and your application is not cancelled. 
  6. Along with this you have to upload all the necessary documents. 
  7. Then download the challan form below and pay it in the bank. 
  8. Thus you have to complete the entire application process properly. 
  9. To ensure your eligibility, you will be notified through a message or email after confirmation.

How to Check Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme Eligibilty?

For those who want to check their eligibility, below are the eligibility criteria containing some important royalties. 

  • By reading this they can find out their qualifications. 
  • You are a resident of Punjab. 
  • Your identity card should be made of Punjab. 
  • If you are residing in any other province then you are still eligible for it. 
  • You are studying in school or university

Benefit Of Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme

The most significant advantage of the Electric Bike Scheme is that you will be given a bike in a lump sum, and deserving students will pay for their bikes monthly. These bikes will be given only to students of Punjab.Students studying in any province other than Punjab can also register in this scheme. Only students studying in a college or university and having educational credentials can register for it.

New Bloating List Online Check Of E-Bike Scheme

Recently, the list of those students who submitted the application has been uploaded on the Bike Scheme portal. The list of eligible students is available separately. The list of ineligible students is available on the online portal in case of balloting, you can search for the name in the list to check your eligibility. 

And if you are eligible, you can get a bike from the government. Further, let us inform you that the process of distribution of bikes has started. Eligible students should get their bikes as soon as possible.