Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Govt Of Punjab Electric Bike Scheme 20000 For The Punjab [Male and Female] Students

Government of Punjab Electric Bike Scheme will be distributed among 20 students of Punjab. Students who are residents of Punjab and are studying in colleges and universities. So they can submit an application for it.

To know the online registration and eligibility criteria, read this article till the end and get complete guidance with details. So that you can easily ensure your participation in this Hakim.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme 20000

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme: Twenty thousand electric bikes will be distributed to Punjab residents who are studying in colleges and universities. The aim of this scheme by the Government of Punjab is to solve the problem of transportation by providing electric bikes to the students of Punjab at low cost. 

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme

So that they can easily travel from their home to school college or university, to register in this scheme, you can visit the bike scheme portal created by the government. Where you can complete your registration online. This scheme is designed only for Punjabi students. To do this, you must have an identity card from Punjab. 

Students studying in provinces other than Punjab but having their identity cards made in Punjab can also register in this Punjab Electric Bike Scheme. More information is available below.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme 20000 Online Registration

Below is the procedure for online registration in the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme. Please read it to the end and submit your application.

  1. You have to go to the official portal of the Punjab e-bikes scheme.
  2. You have to create an account on the portal.
  3. After that, you have to log in again through this account. Then, you have to complete the five steps given by the government. You must format all the information well and select each option correctly in these steps. After that, you have to upload the documents after entering the information. Remember that your verification will not be completed if you do not upload the documents.
  4. After that, you have to download all this information as a copy so that your physical verification can be easily done later.
  5. You have to pay the challan form for this, which will be paid for by the bank.
  6. After that all your information will be checked and verified. After confirming all the information, you will be informed through a message ie email or message.

Check Eligibility Criteria Electric Bike Scheme 20000 

Students who want to know their eligibility criteria for this Bike scheme then read the following important steps.

  • This scheme is specially designed for the students of Punjab.
  • Those students who have an identity card issued by Punjab are eligible.
  • Apart from this, those students who are studying in any other province with an identity card issued by Punjab are also eligible.
  • To register in this scheme, you are studying in a school, college or university.
  • If you live in Punjab but your identity card is made of another province, then you are not eligible for it.

New Update Electric Bike Scheme 20000 

Let us inform the students of Punjab that those students who have applied for Punjab Electric Bike Scheme. So they should publish the portal created by the government for students on the basis of their ability. There are lists of students who have submitted applications, which have been named the Bloating List. A separate list of eligible students is available on the website. 

Bloating List  Of Electric Bike Scheme

The list of eligible students is available separately while the list of ineligible students and the list of students are available separately. You can easily check the names in your list and find out when the eligibility. 

The process of distribution of more electric bikes has also started and people have started getting messages. So you must visit the official website for all the updates. So that you can benefit from your submitted application by being aware of the update.