Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Govt Punjab 20000 Bike Scheme Distribution Process Start For Matric & FSC Students

The Punjab government has announced that about 20000 bikes will be distributed to the students of Punjab. All those students who fulfill the criteria of the Bikes Scheme can join the Bikes Scheme. Matric and FSC students are also included under this scheme.

This article gives complete details on how you can join the electric bikes scheme. And under what process the bikes are being distributed.

Govt Punjab 20000 Bike Scheme

The electric bike scheme project has been launched by the Government of Punjab. Under this scheme, 20,000 motorcycles will be given to talented and deserving students. The price of petrol has increased a lot within Pakistan. Due to which it was becoming very difficult for the students to buy petrol.

Govt Punjab 20000 Bike Scheme\

Keeping this problem in mind, Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has announced to give 20000 electric bikes in Punjab. If you or your children are eligible for this scheme. And if they want to join this scheme, they have to get their registration done as per the mentioned method.

20000 Electric Bike Distribution Starting Date

2000 electric bikes have been distributed within the first phase. All those students who had submitted their applications. Their document verification is in progress. As soon as the document verification process is complete.

The distribution of electric bikes will also be started from next month. So complete your application process before the last date. And submit all your documents and educational qualifications etc. So that you can also be included in the scheme before the distribution of bikes.

Bike Scheme Distribution Process

Applications for Punjab Electric Bikes are being received. Applications for electric bike scheme are being received from students of all provinces of Punjab. The bike scheme will be divided into different phases. Around five major districts of Punjab are included in the first phase. Which includes major districts like Multan, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rahim Yar Khan and Mianwali.

The verification process of the applications of the students of all these districts is going on. As soon as their application is fully verified, they will start getting electric bikes under the bike scheme.

How to Apply for Electric bike?

If you have not yet applied under the electric bike scheme, you are requested to immediately submit your online application in the motor bike scheme according to this method. So that you can also get bikes from Punjab government for free. Electric bike registration or online application can also be done through the Punjab portal. And if you want to apply physically, get the electric bike application form from Bank of Punjab.

  • Enter your necessary data such as your name, national identity card number, educational records, etc., according to your documents.
  • Tell about your family and submit the electric bike application form in Bank of Punjab.
  • Along with the application, you have to attach necessary documents such as a copy of your national ID card or a copy of your father’s identity card.
  • And also attach the photocopies of your educational certificates etc.
  • In this way, your application will be received by the Punjab government.
  • After verification, a confirmation message will be sent to you from the helpline number of Punjab.

Can Matric & FSC students join the bike scheme?

Matric and FSC students can also join under the bike scheme. Under the Punjab 20000 bike scheme, electric bikes will be provided only to those students whose marks are more than 50% in the board exams. And they meet all eligibility requirements.