Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Solar Panel Scheme Eligibility Check For Punjab Roshan Gahar Online Registration 2024

To check Solar Panel Scheme eligibility you have to go to the portal created by the government and know the information about your eligibility. There are eligibility criteria. For which you can ensure participation in the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme.

Only the people of Punjab are being included in this scheme. If you belong to Punjab and your identity card is also made in Punjab. So you are meeting the eligibility criteria of this solar panel scheme. You can get registered from the Bank of Punjab on your nearest day. And can be done directly online through the online e-portal.

Solar Panel Scheme Eligibility 2024

Residents of Punjab can ensure their eligibility in the Solar Panel Scheme 2024. Those persons who have made their original identity card while living in Punjab. And want to apply for a 50 thousand solar panel scheme from the government. So they should visit the branch of the Bank of Punjab using their identity card and some necessary documents.

Solar Panel Scheme Eligibility
Punjab Approved

Get the registration form for Solar Panel Scheme eligibility there. Complete and submit again to the bank representative. After completing your registration process, pay the challan form and ensure eligibility. Remember that only the people of Punjab can complete the registration process for this scheme. The eligibility criteria are that you have a sufficient current electricity bill. In which 100 units to 300 units have been used. You should have an original identity card from Punjab.

Solar Panel Scheme Eligibility Check

We inform you of the eligibility criteria before registration in the Solar Panel Scheme. So that you know about your eligibility.

  • Residents of Punjab are eligible for this scheme.
  • They should have original identity cards issued by Punjab.
  • Their monthly electricity bill ranges from 100 units to 300 units.

Required Documents

You must have some necessary documents to apply.

  • Copy of recent electricity bill.
  • Land papers If you live on your way, permission from the landlord.
  • Front and back copy of original identity card made by Punjab.
  • Apart from this, some essential information is required in the form.

Solar Panel Scheme Eligibility Update 2024

We would like to inform you about the eligibility of the solar panel system scheme the government has not changed the eligibility criteria. Only the people of Punjab can complete this application. This scheme is designed only for the residents of Punjab province. And the process of applying for it is going on.

People are submitting their applications for the Punjab Roshan Solar Panel Scheme eligibility Scheme. And their process is also being completed. As soon as complete verification is done. So applications will be used for drawing. In which the eligible persons will be able to ensure their eligibility under the lottery. And a three-kilowatt solar panel system will be given to them by the government. This solar panel system will include all the components including batteries, inverters and other components.

Online Registration For Solar Panel Scheme Eligibility 

Ineligible persons who have not yet completed the new registration process. So below is the easy procedure for them.

  1. They first go to the e-RoseCar portal using their mobile or smartphone. 
  2. Apart from this, you can also visit the website of the Bank of Punjab.
  3. Select the Solar Panel Scheme Registration Form option there. 
  4. Open the form and enter all the information in it properly.
  5. After that upload the necessary documents.
  6. Download the challan form.
  7. After downloading the challan form pay it.
  8. After that ensure the eligibility by uploading the form for your registration.