Wed. May 29th, 2024
All Messages From the Benazir Program are Sent Through the BISP 8171 Code only 

All messages to the eligible persons in the kafaalat program are sent only through the BSP 8171 code created by the Benazir Income Support Program. Apart from this, the messages received on your mobile are completely fake. The purpose of these messages is to rob you.

So that all your money can be transferred to your account and fraud can be done with you. So to avoid this use only the 8171 code which is an official code created by the government.

All Messages Sent From BISP 8171 Code only

The government has introduced the BISP 8171 code to facilitate access to the BISP programme. So that even less literate people can directly access BISP officials by using their mobile phones. Apart from this, the messages and messages that are received on your mobile except for the 8171 code are completely based on lies and fraud.

 So you can block these numbers to avoid them. You can also delete them before they are received on your mobile. You do not have to reply to these messages or receive any information about them. You have to use only the 8171 SMS code to avoid this trap. 

BSP 8171 code

More recently, crude thieves in Pakistan send messages to your mobile using the new code. Through this, they bring you under their yoke and return the financial aid from you. These messages are also received on mobile WhatsApp Facebook and social media platforms. But the message of BISP Kafaalat 8171 code is received only by you on the message.

Benifits of BISP 8171 Code 

We tell you some important benefits of this code, which you can follow to use the code easily.

  • BISP where the 8171 code is an official code made by Govt.
  • You can check your money on this code.
  • This code is only used for SMS.
  • Some people use this code as an incorrect helpline number.
  • You can verify your eligibility by sending your CNIC number to this code.
  • By using this code, one can easily and instantly check and verify the amount sitting at home.
  • Using this code prevents you from going directly to the PIP office. Where you have to stand in long queues to check your money and verify your eligibility.

Check Payemet Online By BISP 8171 Code

We tell you how you can use the BISP 8171 code for your new payment.

  1. Type 8171 on the web portal mobile to check money payments online.
  2. Click on the first website on Google and open it.
  3. Your CNIC number is in the form.
  4. Enter the captcha code consisting of four digits.
  5. Click the submit button below.
  6. Within a few seconds, a message is shown regarding the confirmation of Um’s amount. In which it is told whether your money has been transferred to your account or not.
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Eligibility Check By BISP 8171 Code only

Those who do not know the correct use of the BISP 8171 code can check their eligibility by sending an SMS through their mobile. 

  • We tell them that you go to the SMS inbox of your mobile. 
  • Type your original ID card number there. Then send it to 8171. Wait for some time. 
  • After waiting for a message to be received on your mobile. 
  • In which eligibility is confirmed immediately.

May Update For New Payment Distribution

There is good news for eligible women in the BISP Kafaalat program the new payment of Rs 10,500 is starting in June. Send CNIC to BISP 8171 Code through your registered mobile number to check this new payment. And get information about the new payment. So be ready to receive your money after you complete the verification. The payment of which is starting from May 13. 


More ineligible persons should complete their registration as soon as possible and become part of the Kafaalat program. So that you too can support your family by receiving financial aid and getting the money for your life and children’s benazirTaleeemi wazaif. You can go to your BISP tehsil office for its registration. Where you have to complete the free registration process. You have to ensure your eligibility to be a part of this program.