Fri. May 31st, 2024
New Easy Process To Register In BISP 8171 kafaalat 10500 Payment

Ineligible persons can directly visit BISP to get register in BISP 8171 kafaalat 10500 through an easy procedure. Don’t forget to bring the original ID card and child’s bay form with you before going to the Benazir Income Support Program office.

So that you don’t face any problems during registration. To complete your registration process through an easy procedure. And get the payment of 10500 rupees in your account for the sponsorship program made by the government. Those who do not know the registration procedure. We have explained below how we can complete the registration process from our nearest office sitting at home.

Easy Process To Register In BISP

You can visit the Govt-established Blind Income Support Program office to get registered in BISP 8171 Kafaalat 10500 payment through an easy procedure. These offices have been established by the government in every district and tehsil in Pakistan. So those people who do not know the procedure of online registration. They can immediately complete their registration for the 8171 kafalat program through this office for an amount of Rs.10500.

Register In BISP 8171 kafaalat 10500

Do not forget to carry the necessary documents such as a National Identity Card and Child Bay Form with you while going to Benazir’s office. So that your registration process is possible in a good way. And your eligibility may be possible for the sponsorship program. This assistance amount of 10500 rupees is given only to the eligible people. Those who meet the eligibility criteria framed by BISP. They can become a part of this BISP program.

Check Eligibility Criteria Before Registration

Those who are declared ineligible and do not know the reason why we could not confirm their registration and eligibility in the sponsorship program. The main reason for this is that they do not know the eligibility criteria. We have given below the eligibility criteria that have been issued by the BISP Kafaalat Program.

  1. You belong to a poor and deserving family in Pakistan.
  2. The PMT support of your sponsor should be less than 30%.
  3. You have not received any loan from any other government department.
  4. Your monthly income should be less than 45 thousand rupees.
  5. You have not registered any vehicle etc. on your identity card.
  6. You should not have more than three acres of land in your name.
  7. You have not created any passport etc. in your name to go abroad.

On the contrary, if there are people who do not meet all these eligibility criteria. So they cannot receive the money from the sponsorship program, they are ineligible for it.

Application Status Check Online By CNIC

Applicants who complete their registration through the BISP office. Now they want to know the status of their application and whether our application is eligible for the Kafaalat program or not. So the easy procedure is to enter their CNIC number 8171 in the portal. Enter the given captcha code as well. Click on the submit button. In a few seconds, the status of their application is shown. In which it is told whether they have become a part of the BISP program or not.

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BISP Amount 10500 Update May 2024

Individuals who are eligible for the sponsorship program after submitting their application and after full verification. So the government provides them with money. Recently, the government is going to give money to eligible people in the sponsorship program. The distribution will start in May. Newly eligible candidates can check their account balance and eligibility by texting their SMS to 8171.


The easiest way to become a part of the sponsorship program is to visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office for your registration. There you have to provide your CNIC number and complete verification. You have to provide some information for your registration. Through this, your eligibility will be possible for a sponsorship program.

If you face any problem like this, you can directly contact the helpline number of the sponsorship program and resolve your complaints. You can visit the website of the 8171 BISP Ehsaas Program for new information and updates. Where you are provided information about all the programs running in Pakistan. Also, the registration procedure and guidance are provided in simple words.