Fri. May 31st, 2024
BISP Launch Mobile Registration Process Start May 2024

If you want to register via mobile phone in the BISP program, let’s tell you that the government of Pakistan has started registration through mobile. If you want to know how to register your mobile, please enter your message inbox. 

After 8171, you will be provided with an official portal by the government of Pakistan. Wherever you ask some questions, you have to give their answers exactly. Registration will be up and you will also receive a message that you have been registered.

Eligibility Criteria 

The following should be your qualification standard for registration in the BISP program,

  • Your residence should be in the areas of Pakistan
  • The person earning in your house is the one whose aging is less than 30 thousand
  • Do not register a car in the name of your family
  • You belong to the poor family
  • If you want to go abroad then you don’t have to go abroad

BISP Program Registration Check by CNIC 

If you want to register your registration in the BISP program via CNIC, let’s tell you that when you come to the portal, enter your CNIC number on the up portal, registration CNIC Information is provided by CNIC.

The government of Pakistan also aims to improve the future of poor families. You should ensure registration in the BISP program so that the program will announce the BISP.

Online Registration Process BISP Program 

We are also sharing with you in-line registration methods that the registration of the BISP program has not been made in line by the Government of Pakistan, given the domestic situation. If you want to know why inline registration has not been done.

The main reason for this is that there are many areas in Pakistan. Where the network is not present at this time. People can’t register online. This is why inline registration has not been made possible.

How To Complete BISP 10500 Registration Through NSER Survey 1

New Update BISP Program 2024 

According to the New Update, the BISP program assists many poor families as many people have registered. As soon as a BISP program is received, it is also provided to these people.

 If you are not registered in this program, give the information bio-data representative to the representative and make your registration. Get a registration card during registration and also get relief from the BISP program.


Registration in the BISP program concludes that the Government of Pakistan will be able to achieve this goal. The BISP program in the Government of Punjab has begun because those who are currently entitled to assistance cannot meet their expenses with their monthly relief.

They are given our assistance by the BISP program. Through this aid, they can meet their expenses. If you want to know more information you can visit our website. You are aware of all the procedures here.