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PMT Score Check Online By CNIC New Update 2024

PMT Score Check BISP calculator is an online portal 8171 portal in which unit to enter your CNIC. The Ehsas dynamic survey decides your poverty score. It is the welfare status of a household that is determined between 1-100.

To check your PMT Score BISP, head to the Utility Store Pakistan’s official website at These stores aim to provide relief to the general public by offering daily-use items at affordable prices. The Stores Corporation plays a role in stabilizing prices and ensuring the availability of essential goods across the country.

On the PMT Score Check page, you’ll spot a straightforward search box. Input your CNIC number without dashes into this box. After entering your CNIC number, click the Search button. The system will then reveal your BISP PMT score.

For More Information : 8171 BISP Card Registration Online

If your score is 40 or below, congratulations! You qualify for the BISP utility store Rashan program, which provides subsidized essential items like Ghee, Sugar, Pulse, Rice, and Atta at your nearby utility store.

Make the most of this information to access the benefits of the BISP utility store Rashan program for which you might be eligible.

What is PMT score?

PMT Score Check stands for proxy means test. That depends upon various factors. Person families are selected or rejected depending upon BISP tracking PMT score. Check the link of the utility store organization to know about your poverty score”. There is no specific PMT score check portal available to check eligibility online. Just visit the 8171 web portal and enter your ID card, sim card, and capture to know your eligibility.

PMT is a criterion that determines the Eligibility of a person or a person’s Family for any Ehsaas or BISP initiative. You can check your PMT score by Ehsaas Nadra after completing your NSER Survey. A door-to-door survey is completed, and eligibility information is collected and submitted in Nadra.

Which Subsidies are Included in the BISP PMT Score

There are multiple subprograms of the Ehsaas program in which subsidies are provided, such as the Ehsas ration program, Sasta diesel Sasta petrol scheme, etc.

  • PMT Score Check for BISP utility Store is different for different people. To get 40% subsidies on Rashan, your poverty score is 32-40.
  • PMT score for eligibility for BISP Must be 32. It is a cut-off value that can be worried depending upon the decision of the Benazir kafalat board.
  • The PMT score for a disabled person must be 37.
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How PMT Score Check Online?

How PMT Score Check Online

Following the given step, check your proxy mean test score online.

  • First of all, take part in the ehsaas survey and complete it.
  • Apply for BISP by sending your CNIC number to 8171 or visiting a nearby center.
  • After applying to the program, the board will scrutinize your application, and your score will be decided and calculated according to the Nadra database.
  • A text message regarding your eligibility will be sent to your registered mobile number.

What are the PMT score Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas and BISP?

  • Total number of members in the family.
  • Monthly income.
  • Monthly expenditure.
  • The applicant must be a widow or divorced.
  • The cut-off value of the PMT Score Check for the Benazir income support program is 32.

Required Document

The following documents are required.

  • You have an original, valid identity card issued by Nadra.
  • NSER Form or family member.
  • Rent agreement if you are living in a rented house.
  • Application form containing all the details of the family’s monthly income and expenses.
  • Registered mobile sim to the applicant’s own Nadra card.