Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Government Of Sindh 20000 Bike Scheme Online Registration Portal Launch For Students

The Sindh government has introduced an online registration portal for the Sindh 20000 bike scheme. You can easily submit your application by going to this portal for your registration. All the instructions regarding the application process are available below which you can easily read.

Latest Sindh 20000 Bike Scheme 2024 

20000 bike scheme has been started for the students of Sindh province. The purpose of which is to provide bikes in the form of easy installments to those students who cannot afford a ride like a motorcycle in this era of inflation. And cannot complete their educational activities easily. 

For this purpose, especially the students of Sindh can go to the online portal and submit the application. You must know your eligibility before submitting the application. So that you know whether you can submit an application in this scheme or not. 

Sindh 20000 Bike Scheme

Eligibility criteria is available on the portal. Further we have given some easy steps for this which are available below. By reading this, you can easily submit your application for electric bikes.

Required Documents in Sindh 20000 Bike Scheme

Students must have some necessary documents before applying.

  •  In these documents, you should have an identity card made by Sindh. 
  • Must have educational credentials. 
  • A copy of the identity card of the parents.
  • Passport size photograph one number
  • Some necessary information is required in the form.

Bike Scheme Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria for bike schemes consist of a few important points.

  • If you are a resident of Sindh, your identity card should be made of Sindh. 
  • You are studying in a school university, or college. 
  • If you reside in a province other than the province for education, you can still apply for this scheme.

Bike Scheme Online Registration Portal

The online application process for the bike scheme is straightforward for which a few critical steps must be followed.

  1. You have to go to the official portal of Bike Skip created by the government. 
  2. You must create a login ID by entering your email and password there. 
  3. Then you have to log in again by entering this login ID. 
  4. Then some critical steps will be shown in front of you. 
  5. In each of these steps, you have to enter some necessary information. 
  6. Finally, you have to complete the registration process.
  7. Download the challan form. You have to pay the challan form in the bank. 
  8. Before that, you have to upload all the necessary documents. After completing the application, the government will check your information and inform you through email or message.

More eligible students will be shown in the form of a list on the portal

Purpose of Sindh 20000 Bike Scheme

This scheme aims to provide bikes in easy installments to students in Sindh, those poor students who want to ride like a motorcycle and want to complete their academic summer easily. So they can get a motorcycle from the government by submitting an application in this scheme. 

Students who face transportation problems while going to college or university can get rid of this problem by getting this motorcycle from the government. It will involve very little money. You can complete the installation of this bike by paying to two years.