Fri. May 31st, 2024
How to Get New Motercycle By Punjab Electric Bike Scheme in May 2024

Electric motorcycles are being distributed to poor students under the Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme by the government. 20,000 bikes have been included in this scheme. Which will be distributed among the talented students in different districts.

If you want to join the Punjab electric bike scheme and want to get a motorcycle, then you have to read all the details given in this article. So that you can know how you can join this new scheme to get E bike.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme 2024

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has launched Electric Bikes Scheme 2024 to facilitate the students. Many electric bikes and petrol bikes have been included in this scheme. Which will be distributed to those students and students who meet the eligibility criteria made by the government.

The process of distribution of about 200,000 bikes is going to start soon. If you or your children want to get a bike under this scheme, complete your registration process immediately. And get an electric bike under the electric bike scheme sitting at home.

How to Get Motercycle by Electric Bike Scheme?

  • If you want to get a motorcycle under the e-bike scheme, you have to get the e-bike scheme form from your nearest Punjab Bank.
  • You can complete this form sitting at home.
  • In this form you have to give your complete details and your educational details.
  • After entering the complete data, you have to submit this form again in Punjab.
  • As soon as you are added to the electric bike scheme, a confirmation message will be sent to your given number.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria of this scheme, then you will be included in this scheme.
  • After joining the Punjab Electric Bikes scheme, you have to deposit the down payment in Punjab Bank to get the electric bike.
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In this way, you can join the electric bike scheme and get a motorcycle provided by the government.

New Eligibility Criteria for E-Bike Scheme

Bike Scheme 2024 will be distributed to all those students who meet the eligibility criteria. Only those people who have a good educational background can join the electric bike scheme. And he belongs to a very poor and deserving family. If you want to get an E bike then you should fulfill the following criteria if you want to get an E bike:

  • The monthly income of your household should be less than 40 thousand.
  • You should not have any other facility from the government.
  • Your marks in Matric and FSC should be more than 60%
  • You belong to the districts of Punjab included in this scheme.

If you fulfill all these criteria then you will be included in e-bike scheme 2024. And soon up-equal electric bike will be provided.

Punjab Government Cancels Electric Bike Scheme – Fake News

A few days ago, a news was spread that the Punjab government has canceled the electric bike scheme. But it was a fake news. This news was based on the fact that the students did not take interest in this scheme. But more than one lakh applications have been received under the electric bike scheme. Which shows the enthusiasm of the students.

Therefore, this scheme is being implemented rapidly by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. And very soon the electric bike scheme phase one will be started in different districts of Punjab. The verification process of the applications of the students who have submitted their applications is going on. And they will start getting bikes under this scheme as soon as possible.


In this article, all the details of this e-bikes scheme have been explained to all the students. Like how you can submit an application to get this bike. Who are the eligible people to get this bike? And how long electric motorbikes will be distributed to those who meet the eligibility criteria.

If you or any student in your family is eligible for electric bikes, apply immediately. . So that they can benefit from this scheme started by the Punjab government.