Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Punjab Laptop & iPads Scheme New Budget Release For Male and Female Students

The Government of Pakistan has announced a Punjab Laptop & iPads scheme across Punjab, which is excellent news for all students. Under this scheme, laptops and iPads will be given to both boys and girls. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz started this scheme.

How you can be a part of this scheme and get an iPad and laptop, you will get all the information in the below paragraph.

Punjab Laptop & iPads Scheme Start

The government of Pakistan has announced the distribution of Punjab Laptop & iPads scheme across Punjab. Remember that this is not for everyone; it will be given only to students, girls, and boys studying.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Maryam Nawaz, announced this scheme. It is excellent news for the students. The aim is that along with studies, students can also become familiar with things like IT.

Punjab Laptop & iPads Scheme

These are given to college and university students, who are surveyed to see which students are eligible to get these laptops and what interests them most. You must complete your registration to be a part of this scheme.

How to Get Punjab Laptop & iPads Scheme?

The government of Pakistan has launched the scheme across Punjab, which provides all students with laptops and iPads. Below is the complete procedure for getting these laptops and iPads under this scheme.

To participate in this scheme and get a Punjab Laptop and iPad Scheme, you should be very interested in your studies, your marks or results in studies should be excellent, and you must have its certificate.

The government has formed a team that will go to each college or university to collect all the student’s information and determine if they are interested in iPads. Then, on the laptop, their ID card number is viewed as the result of the application. Their admission is confirmed because that student attends that college or university. After learning all this, your registration is complete, and you are eligible to get an iPad or laptop.

Eligible Criteria to get Laptops & iPads 

Under this Punjab Laptop & iPads scheme you have to fulfill the below criteria.

  • Be interested in studies.
  • Be a college or university student.
  • Must have a certificate from the college or university in which he studies.
  • The student should be more than 18 years old.
  • A Matric or FSC result is required.
  • The result should be more than 70% of the previous class.

If you want to participate in this Punjab Laptop & iPads scheme, you must meet these criteria. You will not be able to receive a computer or iPad if your criteria do not match these.

Online Register in Laptop & Ipads Scheme

All students can register online through a web portal to get laptops and iPads to be part of the scheme if they are new to their college or university for any reason and cannot complete their registration during the survey. Or, due to some reason, their registration is not completed due to a lack of documents, and then those students can do their online registration sitting at home and be a part of this scheme. You have to follow the following procedure to register online.

  • You have to go to Chrome on your mobile phone. 
  • there you have to open the official site of the Punjab Scheme. 
  • there you have to do all your verification.
  • Your ID card number is up to the age at which you are in college.
  • After studying, you have to provide a photo of your certificate. 
  • you have to upload your result picture.
  • you have to give all the documents. 
  • They ask for it and click on Check Now at the end. 
  • They will confirm with you and send you a message after confirmation.

By following this method, you can complete your registration through the web portal while sitting at home, join the scheme, and easily get the laptop or iPad you are interested in.


The government of Pakistan has released a scheme for all students across Punjab, under which they have announced to give laptops and iPads to all female students. To be a part of this Punjab Laptop & iPad scheme, you can complete your registration at home through the web portal and complete your registration for these laptops and iPads. The second procedure is that your registration will be completed by a government team in your college or university. You can quickly get laptops and iPads by following the steps.