Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Registration Form Launch For Phase-II Eligible Students

The government of Pakistan has announced that it will give a Punjab Electric Bike Scheme to the students of Punjab. This is an outstanding facility for all students. All kinds of students will be able to get this electric bike. 

They can use this scheme and get electric bikes for their children. All the details have been explained to you in this article. If you are also a student and want to join the electric bike scheme, read this article carefully. Eligible to apply for and receive an electric bike with assistance

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Phase-II

Pakistan’s government has announced giving electric bikes to students across Punjab. This is the second phase of the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme, which the government of Pakistan had previously launched. However, the scheme lasted only a short time and was terminated before the start of the year 2024.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme\

The government of Pakistan has announced that the purpose of restarting this scheme is that those who could not get electric bikes in the phasing scheme can now get them at a very cheap rate. Who is making this which you have to give every six months so that every poor family can easily take it and pay for it easily. 

The government of Pakistan has planned to give more than 100000 bikes to students across Punjab. This scheme benefits the people nearby who could not buy bicycles for their school children due to cash;

Eligible Criteria to Get an Electric Bike

You must meet these criteria to get an electric bike.

  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • A driving license is required.
  • The procedure for riding a bike is a must.
  • You must have a college degree or be a university student.

If you want to get an electric bike, you need to have the criteria

How to Apply in Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Phase-II?

It is excellent news for students all over Punjab that they can now get an electric bike at home. Knowledge can participate in the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme. The procedure is straightforward. The first procedure is to apply to get an electric bike.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Online Registration

You can complete your registration through the web portal and get an electric bike. You don’t need to go to any office or anywhere; you can complete this registration at home. The procedure is straightforward and can be applied through the web portal.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official site of the Government of Pakistan Bike Scheme, 
  • There you have to find the registration form, 
  • and after finding the registration form, 
  • you have to verify yourself.
  •  It is necessary to have a mobile number, and 
  • it is essential to give your home address. 
  • As soon as you give all these things there, you will be informed quickly that you are eligible for this scheme.

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Registration By Office 

  1. The second method is to go to your nearest government BOP branch office.
  2. you need to have some necessary documents,
  3. you need to have an identity card.
  4.  you need to have a mobile number and that 
  5. As well as carrying all the documents that confirm you
  6. They are mandatory for the completion of this registration
  7. If your documents and everything are completed,
  8. you will be given immediately as eligible

Procedure to receive new bike by this scheme

To get an electric bike, you will need to go to the bank, where they will ask you to see some documents for verification, they will have to give you so that they can verify you easily, apart from depositing the money in the bank. After verification, if you are eligible, you will be informed about the eligibility of the electric bike and when and where to get it, they will also notify you.


The government of Pakistan has announced that it will provide electric bikes across Punjab. Previously, students could not afford a bicycle, but now they can quickly get one. You need some documents and must fulfill some criteria; you must be a college or university student when you buy this electric bike. If you qualify, you can quickly get the bike from the office. This scheme is beneficial for poor students who cannot afford a bike by paying cash.