Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Exclusive News: 70000 New Jobs For Young Citizens of Punjab by "Maryum ki Dastak APP"

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched the Maryum ki Dastak app for the people of Punjab in her name. Now, the residents of Punjab will be able to get their certificate, Nika Nama, dis-certificate, birth certificate, domicile, and tax payment services at home through this app. Therefore, all the related guidance is provided below, which you can read until the end.

Maryum ki Dastak APP 2024

The Maryum ki Dastak app has recently been developed for Punjab residents. This app allows you to create your domicile and perform other services, including marriage certificates, death certificates, tax payments, birth certificates, and divorce certificates. 

Maryum ki Dastak APP

You don’t need to visit the institutions built by the government where you are humiliated and humiliated in long queues for hours. Maryam Nawaz Sharif has removed this problem for the people of Punjab. Now they can get all these services sitting at home. Through this app, not only will residents of Punjab be able to get various services, but 70 thousand youth who are residents of Punjab will also get employment.

Maryum ki Dastak APP Services

Some of the services related to Maryum ki Dastak app are provided below, which you can read to increase your knowledge.

  • You can create your domicile with this app. 
  • Residents of Punjab can produce marriage and divorce certificates. 
  • You can create birth and death certificates. 
  • You Can also pay taxes.

All these features are available on this app. You can avail of these services directly by visiting the portal.

Easy to Use Maryum ki Dastak APP

  1. You can easily use Maryum ki Dastak app at home. 
  2. For this, the government has also provided a portal that will play an essential role in redressing your complaint and providing all your services. 
  3. After downloading this app, you will have to create an account. 
  4. And then get the services like domicile on it. 
  5. This app has a very user-friendly interface. 
  6. On this app, you can get guidance for your convenience by selecting options in Urdu and English language. 
  7. You can apply up-certificate or any service through the app.
  8.  After your certificate is made, it will be delivered to your home by official representatives.

Maryum ki Dastak APP Objectives 

The main objective of the Maryam Ki Dastak app is to save the residents of Punjab from unnecessary government visits. People are always standing in long queues outside the Nadra office and other government departments, wasting their important time. 

The most important and valuable purpose of introducing this app is that you can easily create your divorce certificate and domicile at home, which will be delivered to your home by official representatives. This app allows you to save time and complete your work easily at home.


Maryam Ki Dastak App is a program that is very beneficial for the residents of Punjab. You can use this app to save your precious time. Moreover, the sister government institutions of the government include major institutions like Nadra. You waste your valuable time by standing in long queues for hours and cannot get the certificate. Keeping this in mind, the government has introduced the facility of this app for the people of Punjab. You can instantly download this app and get all the information you want.