Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Online Apply For Six Panels Solar System by Punjab Government 2024 Through E-Portal

The people of Punjab who want to apply online from Six Panels Solar System by Punjab can easily submit their application sitting at home. We are explaining how this application is submitted and the complete procedure below. You can read to the end to get guidance and submit your application easily.

Six Panels Solar System by Punjab Government 

You can submit an online application for Six Panels Solar System using the Punjab Govt e portal. Before applying, let us tell you that only the people of Punjab can submit an online application. They must have a made Punjab ID card.

In addition, consumers who consume up to 300 units of electricity per month can also apply for it. The application submission process is free and can be used online and offline. Under this scheme, the government will give the eligible people a three-kilowatt solar panel system consisting of six plates, batteries, and inverters. 

Six Panels Solar Syste\

This means that the government will provide the complete package. You will pay it in installments every month. That is, the eligible people will make 25% of the payment. While the government will make 75% of the payment. You can read the above article until the end to know the online registration procedure.

New Criteria of Six Panels Solar System 

Below are some important points you can read to know the eligibility criteria in Solar panels Scheme.

  • Only the people of Punjab can apply for this scheme.
  • Those persons who are residents of Punjab and have a Punjab ID card.
  • Those whose identity card is made in Punjab and who reside in any other province can also apply for it.
  • People living in rented houses can also submit applications. Consumers who consume electricity between 100 and 300 monthly units will be specially eligible.

Essential Documents for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 

Before applying, individuals must know about some documents. These documents are available below.

  • The applicant should have his/her Punjab ID card
  • The applicant, who is a resident of Punjab, should have the land documents. 
  • Persons living on rent must have permission from the landlord. 
  • Copy of recent electricity bill. 
  • You must have a passport-size photograph. 
  • A copy of the parents’ identity card.

BOP Offline & Online Application Process  to Six Panels Solar System

If you want to apply both online and offline for the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme. The complete procedure for this is given below, along with an explanation.

BOP Online Application:

  • Go to your nearest Bank of Punjab branch
  • Get the solar panel scheme registration form from the representative present there. 
  • Enter all the information requested in this form. 
  • Attach the necessary documents with the form. 
  • After entering the information, submit the form again to the representative. 
  • Get the challan form and pay it in the bank.

BOP Online Application:

  1. Search the official portal of the Bank of Punjab through your mobile or laptop. 
  2. Log in to the website. Find the Solar Balance Scheme Registration Form. 
  3. Complete the form online. That is, enter all the information that is asked in it. 
  4. Upload the requested documents on the form. Then click on the register button below. 
  5. After that, you must click on the option to download all the information. 
  6. So that you have physical evidence for verification, pay the challan form. 
  7. Which will be done at the branch of the Bank of Punjab.
  8. If your registration is complete, you will be notified through a message or message.

Benefits of Solar Panel Scheme

Let us inform you about the benefits of the Punjab Roshan Grana Solar Panel Scheme so that you know what benefits are being obtained from this scheme.

  • The government will give three kilowatt solar panel systems to eligible people, and the registered people will be eligible for the loan. 
  • Eligible people will pay 25% of the cost of this solar panel system, while the government will receive 75%. 
  • This will be done in the first phase, where applications will be sought from 50,000 people.
  • Only the people of Punjab can submit this application. You will pay the amount in easy monthly installments.
  • A three-kilowatt Six Panels Solar System system will be provided in a complete package that includes battery inverters and other components. The government will install this solar panel system at home.
  • Customers using 100 to 300 units can fully ensure their eligibility for this scheme.
  • This scam is especially useful for people fed up with electricity bills.
  • Renters can also quickly complete their registration for this scheme.