Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Punjab Govt Approved 20000 E-Motor Bikes for Eligible Students After Documents Verification

The Punjab government has started verifying documents to distribute 20000 E-Motor Bikes to male and female students living in Punjab. Many students who have submitted their application to this bike scheme can easily complete the verification process at home by uploading all their documents to the online portal. And can ensure eligibility for your bikes.

How to complete this verification process and what documents are required for them. All this guidance has been explained to you in simple words in this article. Knowing which, you can complete this process easily.

Punjab Govt Approved 20000 E-Motor Bikes 2024 

The government of Punjab has started verifying the documents for the distribution of 20000 E-Motor Bikes to eligible female students. Students who have completed their registration now want to complete the verification process. 

So, gather all the necessary documents used during the registration process, complete the verification process immediately by uploading them on the website, and you will definitely be eligible for this scheme. The list of eligible students has been uploaded on the portal of More Bikes Scheme. 

20000 E-Motor Bikes

Students who want to check their names in the list can easily do so at home using the online portal. The list of ineligible students is also available on the e-motorbikes scheme portal. The process of distributing bikes to eligible students has started. You can visit the portal to learn about the distribution process.

Who is eligible for the E-Motor Bikes Scheme?

Let us inform you about the important information about which female students have been eligible for the e-motorbike scheme. All the guidance about this is available below, which you can read.

  • Those students who completed their application well. 
  • Those students who have uploaded all their documents completely while applying. 
  • Those students who paid for the challan form for this scheme after completing the application. 
  • Only the people of Punjab have accepted the application for this scheme. 
  • While applications from other provinces have been rejected. 
  • Those students who fully fulfill the eligibility criteria of this Bikes Scheme.

Punjab Govt Approved 20000 E-Motor Bikes for Eligible Students

The Punjab government has entirely accepted the applications related to the 20 thousand e-motorbikes scheme; distributing the bikes to eligible female students started on May 13.

Apart from this, the list has also been uploaded on the portal as eligible. So, they can go to the government portal for verification and check their name in the list quickly. There, you are shown the list in the balloting form, where you can easily check your name directly.

 Govt Approved 20000 E-Motor Bikes Online Registration

Those students who have not yet added their names to the list can easily submit their applications on this portal if they want 20000 E-Motor Bikes to apply online.

  1. For this, first of all you have to go to the official portal of Bikes. Gov.PK. 
  2. There you have to create your login ID. 
  3. After that, you have to complete the five steps given in front of the same account differently. 
  4. You have to complete each step correctly by entering all the information. 
  5. After that, you finally asked that all the documents, including educational certificates, ID cards, passport-size photos, the father’s or mother’s ID card number, and some necessary information, be included. 
  6. You have to download the challan form last and pay. 
  7. You have to complete all these procedures correctly. 
  8. So that your application can be easily submitted for e-motorbikes, you will be notified on the website after completing verification and verification.


Poor and deserving students living in Punjab face problems like transportation while going to college or university. The government has announced that it will give 20000 E-Motor Bikes in installments for convenience. You can quickly complete your registration for this, including all the guidance you provided. Therefore, ineligible students can submit their registration by following the given procedure. You can visit our website BISP 8171 Ehsaas Program, for more guidance and updates.