Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Punjab Approved Solar Panel Program II-Phase Document Verification For Non-Eligible Peoples

The government of Pakistan has started Solar Panel Program II-Phase, which Provides solar panels throughout Punjab. Those who were not able to meet before will be met. Solar panel phase 2 is excellent news and a perfect thing for the people of Punjab

Solar Panel Program II-Phase 2024

The government of Pakistan has made a big announcement to give a Solar Panel Program II-Phase, which is a great relief for the people of Punjab. A solar plate was found, which was very beneficial for them, during which the caravan people took advantage of this solar panel scheme and installed solar panels on behalf of the government of Pakistan.

Solar Panel Program II-Phase

 which benefited them a lot in installing the Tube V to save electricity. Many people were left out of the scheme due to many reasons. Among the many reasons people did not install solar panels in phase one was that some poor people were unaware of the solar panel scheme.

Reason for Disqualified from Earlier Solar Panel Program I-Phase

It was said that the government was giving solar panels, and some did not get them due to one or another reason, such as documents not being complete. 

Many people could not get the solar panel system due to incomplete identification. Seeing that they could not participate in this scheme, the government of Pakistan has again decided to give solar panels and has started the solar panel face-to-face so that those who were left earlier can now easily install solar panels. 

Who is Eligible for Solar Panel Program II-Phase?

Who can get solar panels in phase two and who is eligible for it knows all the details; Such persons may be qualified persons in the Solar Panel Program II-Phase.

  • Whose monthly income is less than 60 thousand
  • People who have a Pakistani identity card
  • Those already living in Punjab should have their permanent residence system in Punjab.
  • Do not engage in any electricity theft or any unusual electrical activity.
  • Three hundred units are already reducing electricity consumption.
  • To ensure the government, having a residential or agricultural area in Punjab is mandatory.

Procedure to Registration in  Solar Panel Program II-Phase 

To be a part of the solar panel scheme given by the government of Pakistan, registration is mandatory to get the solar panel.

Follow these steps:

  1. You have to go to your nearest source office to get solar panels,
  2.  you don’t have to go empty-handed, but you have to carry your ID card And electricity bill. 
  3. And you have to take your mobile number
  4.  Your verification will be completed there, and you will have two to three days to complete it.
  5. If you are registered, a representative of the government will come to your home and inform you about it

Punjab Govt procedure for installation of Solar

The government has set the procedure for giving these solar panels so that people can operate them from the government house and save electricity in their homes. They install them on the tubewell and pay the government every six months.

Then, they give money, and the government provides solar panels to the people so that those near them can save their electricity. The government has agreed to provide solar panels to people together with anyone. When a solar panel is installed, the government pays it in installments. He pays installments every six months, a tiny amount, and does not pose any difficulty to people.

Procedure for Online Registration

Follow these simple steps to Solar Panel Program II-Phase Online Registration.

  1. First of all, you have to open your mobile chrome
  2. and there you go to the Punjab Scheme Original website of the Government of Pakistan.
  3.  It is mandatory to have a bill 
  4. and the number of the bill must also be remembered 
  5. and you must have your ID card. 
  6. You have to write your contact number and click on register now.
  7. As soon as you click there, the information you provide will reach the representative of the Pakistani government.
  8. If you meet the criteria given by the government of Pakistan. So you will be registered in this scheme
  9. I was informed through a call that you can get this solar panel.

Solar systems are getting to certain people. Remember that they are not for every family but are being given to people belonging to the poor class.


Solar Panel Phase Two Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has provided it is not for all families but will be given to some specific people who will meet the criteria given by the Government of Pakistan. We have told you above that in this scheme, you can do online registration by sitting at home, and the procedure is as follows. Well, after reading this post, you will be able to solve your problem easily